Canon PIXMA MG5350, MG6250 and MG8250 Printers with Matching Ink Cartridges

Canon introduces now, new printers and multifunction devices for fall shortly before the opening of the IFA in September. The innovations in the top models are however rather lean. The hype-theme “Cloud” was implemented by Canon. Two of the previous four photo multifunction printers with individual ink cartridges have been replaced by Canon. In addition, a new model in the 2011 Canon’s family. New is also the integration of Internet services, which are known by the printer manufacturers HP and Lexmark.

The new Canon PIXMA MG5350

The Pixma MG5150 and Pixma MG5250 models are complemented by the new Canon PIXMA MG5350. The new was bought against the MG5250 the voluminous case plus 3-inch color display and higher printing speed of the Canon PIXMA MG6150. However, Canon which has “intelligent touch system”, which hides the buttons are not used for the current operation, dispensed with.
Canon is now for the first time a Web functionality into the printer. You can connect the device with “Pixma Cloud Link” via the network interface using the Google Picasa image management or Canon – own print templates. Unfortunately, the cheap PIXMA has no own email address as HP ePrint BB´s.
The retail price of the smaller sister models is very massively reduced with the introduction of the Canon PIXMA MG5350, around 120 to 100 and the PIXMA MG5250 even from 170 to 120 euro. However, a live view of the current online prices of current models suggests that this price cut will have little effect. The MG5250 is the MSRP since long for 40 percent less than available, namely for under 100 euros.

The new Canon PIXMA MG6250 and MG8250

With a slightly modified body, the Canon PIXMA MG6250 is the successor of the MG6150 . Receive remains however complete the lush function range of the printer with gray ink (CLI-526GY cartridge) for cast-free B & W photos. Large color display, two paper feeds, duplex printing and network access are standard.
There are new features in the top model Canon PIXMA MG8250. The sensitive piano lacquer finish of the housing was replaced by a totally Matt surface. The handle of the scanner lid on the surface has a metallic and an exclusive on the handle side and leather-like appearance.
The MG8150follower distinguishes itself through a larger display and a transparency unit for slides or negative films from the much cheaper PIXMA MG6250. The Canon PIXMA MG8250 is currently the only one with a light unit.
The two top models MG6250 and MG8250 have the Web feature “PIXMA Cloud Link” as well as the MG5350. Canon is planning an integration of Google’s cloud-print as an extension from November 2011. Documents or photos can be from mobile devices to the local printer via the Internet masquerading, much like with HP ePrint. Although it is currently dependent on the Google browser chrome, one need as opposed to the HP solution, not a special email address. Even when Google cloud print, no driver is needed for mobile printing.

Printing costs and range of the new Canon PIXMA MG5350, MG6250 and MG8250

Canon continues the text black cartridges PGI-525PGBK , as well as the coloured CLI-526, presented in 2010. Is the average range of the CLI-526 cartridges of 450 pages is sufficient, by Canon for text prints only the standard cartridge PGI-525PGBK 330 page available according to ISO-norm.
The cost of printing the new multifunction devices Canon PIXMA MG5350, MG6250 and MG8250, with the individual ink cartridges CLI-526 and PGI-525, are relatively high and are even of the newly presented Printers Canon PIXMA MG2150, MG3150 with the combined cartridge PG-540 and CLI-541 undercut. Thus, even the cheaper entry devices with combination cartridges are cheaper to maintain, as the more expensive high-end models MG6250 and MG8250 of the PIXMA series.

Compatible ink cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MG5350, MG6250, MG8250, MG2150 and MG3150

Fortunately there are far cheaper compatible cartridges from reputable manufacturers Canon PIXMA MG5350, MG6250 and MG8250 for the high-end models such as peach and Jettec, printing costs are then significantly lower than at the entry level printers MG2150 and MG3150 with combination cartridges. In the near future, there will be no more competitive Refill cartridges for the entry level printer. Although once larger quantities should be empty (empty original cartridges) the new PG-540 and 541 CLI cartridges, empties prices certainly will be so high that even the recycled cartridges will be even nearly as expensive as the Canon PG-540 and CLI-541 original cartridges.

Refill ink cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MG5350, MG6250, MG8250, MG2150 and MG3150

Another possibility would be the independent refill PG 540 and CLI-541 printer cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MG2150 and MG3150. For this, we must test these new cartridges but for now to see if and how we can fill these cartridges refill ink. We offer already matching refill ink, a chip Resetter and a set of ink and empty cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MG5350, MG6250 and MG8250. More info to the fill of the new Canon printer cartridges we will publish soon PG 540 and CLI-541 .

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