Caring For Wrist Watch

An exclusive clock is a fantastic investment, whether you prefer mechanical/automatic movement or Quartz Movement. To protect this investment, you need to take care of your watch and care for it properly.
Use our tips to keep your watches in new condition.

Care advice

Do not expose the watch to extreme high or low temperature. Similarly, the watch is taken off by vigorous physical activity that can cause condensation in the clock which in turn can cause “water damage”. Direct contact with hair sprays, perfumes or detergents may damage your watch. Since most of us use their watch on a daily basis, we need to nurture them, so they need to keep their shine. The best way to clean a watch is to remove the tape first, even if the watch is waterproof. If you can’t remove the bracelet, try not to get larger amounts of water in or around the dial.

Watch stainless steel bracelet

Wrist watch in stainless steel is extremely durable, but the surface can still be scratched when in contact with other hard materials. Wristband becomes dirty cleaned it easiest by dipping a q-tip in a little warm water and SOAP and rub gently on the dirty areas of the wristband. Wipe with a soft cloth.

Watch straps in Mesh

For easier cleaning of mesharmband, one can use a soft brush, tooth brush or nail brush. Be sure to protect the dial while you clean the bracelet so as to avoid water going at it. If the dirt does not disappear at soft brushing, you can take your watch to your nearest watchmaker to get it clean.

Watch bands in gold plate/Gulddubblé

Gold plating means that a thin it Thor 5 added mechanically over a core of eg. stainless steel. Gulddubblé coating method is a gilding of, for example, a metal such as copper with a thicker layer of gold than in traditional gilding.
Gold’s worst enemy is chlorine. Repeated exposure may weaken Gold’s structure and eventually lead to damage to the strap. So keep your watches from chlorinated cleaners and from swimming pools and hot tubs. Gold coloured watch straps can lose its luster over time if it is repeatedly exposed to moisture, sweat, perfume and makeup.
Pour a little dishwashing detergent in lukewarm water. Drought watch links with a damp, soft cloth or with a cleaning cloth. After cleaning wipe and Polish your watchband with a dry cloth or a soft cloth to avoid scratching.

Watch straps in pink gold

Yellow gold alloy with a high proportion of copper produces a rosé or pink shade. Rosé has a very subtle and delicate color that can slightly increase with time due to copper metal, or when the watch comes into contact with perfume, lotions and the like.
-prepare a bowl with warm water and pour in a little mild detergent,
-take a soft cloth, preferably in cotton,
-wash carefully all the dirt or residue from the clock links,
-try to avoid large amounts of water in or around the dial,
-take another soft cloth and soak it in clean water and wipe the clock links,
-to produce even a cloth and it should be completely dry and wipe the clock links until it is completely dry.

Watchband in Ceramics

Ceramic has many good points make it suitable for – it is a coloured (torn not like other dyes or surface coatings of metal) and is extremely hard (making the bells remain more or less scratch-free). Watchband in pottery are easy to keep clean and tidy.
Wipe only the ceramic bracelet with a soft, damp cloth.
* Avoid SOAP and solvents as these agents can damage the material.

Watchband in Leather

Leather straps are worn at different rates depending on climatic conditions, perspiration and levels of wear and tear. To ensure that your leather strap lasts as long as possible, you can take the following precautions:
1) avoid water contact
2) avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, and
3) avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, and perfumes.
Just wipe clean the leather with a damp cloth and use only water. It’s fine to use conditioner for leather, or a small amount of hand lotion to keep the leather soft.
* The watchband in leather will have to stand and air-dried, because they absorb water unlike steel.

Watch straps in Top Grain

Wipe the leather with a cloth dampened in water. Top-Grain leather can develop a milky coating if it is not used for a longer period. This can easily be wiped off or removed with leather conditioner.
* Do not use SOAP, because it leaves residue when it dries.
Do you want to avoid having to do the work yourself, you can periodically submit your wrist watch to a watchmaker for ultrasonic cleaning.