Carnival Feriate – Put on Your Bikini

Would you rather put on your own bikini instead of buying a set ready and do not want to make it ugly at this Carnival? The Le Lingerie has beautiful spare parts from Banka Panka to pound in the sand on the beach or by the pool! Check here some of them:
Among the styles of tops that the brand offers, we separate three, the classic tomara that falls, the basic little curtain and the triangle!
I Hope That It Falls
The fall will never go out of style and Banka Panka takes the opportunity to give glamor to the piece with elegant prints, lace applications and pedrarias.
The top curtain is another that can be renewed every season, this time with the inclusion of fun adornments like fringes and multicolored prints.
The bikini triangle is one of the trends of summer 2016 and crochet as well. Join the two and you have this top, which becomes the perfect choice for the season.
For the panties, we have hot pants for the most stylish, the floss, for those who want to show a little more skin and the side pleated!
Hot Pants
Hot pants, or high-knit panties, have been falling more and more in women’s tastes over the past few years. Smooth or embossed, they add that touch of style and personality to the set.
For the more daring, thong is an indispensable item in summer. And Banka Panka gives new life to it with double fabric and supercolored and fun prints.
Pleated Side
In satin fabric with wide sides, this type of panties is perfect for those who have small hips and want to create the illusion of a bigger butt.
Ready, now you have enough pieces to create various combinations and be the center of attention at this Carnival! But these are not Banka Panka’s only options! Take a walk on the Le Lingerie website and ride your bikini!