Carp Fishing Pond

Why this philosophical question for our leisure preferred? Well, because fishing carp is based on observations that you must master. These observations will allow you to increase your chances of catching carp.
Let’s not forget that go carp fishing is an art! This art must lead to the ultimate goal of all carp anglers: catch carp!
We have listed our 6 reasons that explain the importance of analyze a pond before throwing the canes to the water for you.

1 know orient themselves on the pond
CARP fishing is based on careful observation. It is therefore essential to be able to guide you on the chosen pond.
For this, the cues is an important point to take into account. In effect, this allows to identify on the pond: this is especially true when you do not know the pond to fish.
Orientation and decision-making benchmarks are to identify different areas of the pond.
For example, you must identify the areas of the tall grass, areas where there are dead trees or even the wind direction (when there are any).
This tracking will allow you to collect valuable information that you can use to develop your strategy and fishing tactics.
Besides, knowing the strategic points of the pond will allow you to adapt to the climatic conditions that change often during a fishing session.
2. identify the right fishing jobs
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of your fishing station is a crucial point for a successful fishing session!  It’s a point should not be overlooked.
There’s nothing more annoying to be in battle with a carp who took refuge near dead fallen to water trees.
Or even leave a line in a tree because we had not seen the tree branch just above us before launching the cane to the water.
So, identify potential fishing stations and try to detect anything that could be an obstacle: tree too close to water, tall grass nearby, aquatic algae, etc.
The time devoted to the observation of good fishing stations will allow you to limit the disruptive elements that could spoil your day of fishing.
This habit will allow you to concentrate on what is really important: the observation of water and movements that take place.
3. avoid wasting time: your time is valuable!
Go carp fishing takes a lot of time to prepare the material. We need to bring this water fishing equipment.
You should make sure that the chosen place of fishing is not too far from his home even more if you stay a day or a day.
It would be a shame to work as hard for a limited time to stay at the water’s edge.

  1. know the chosen pond fishing pressure

It is also important to check before you go fishing. All the fishing sites are not equal in terms of attendance to a whole bunch of reasons (location known and reputed to host of big carp, small pond where fishermen are to each other, etc.).
For example, if the anglers are numerous on the pond, this will give you an indication of the intensity of fishing on this place.
The direct consequence of this is the following: you will know that the place is heavily subjected to the threads of the many anglers.
This boot will change the behavior of the carp (they will be more suspicious some bait used or worse they will feed only very rarely). In these conditions, it is difficult to envisage a part of fishing without a hood.
On your fishing spot, the other anglers are competitors. Everyone tries to attract carp on her fishing area.
Be aware of this, which will allow you to consider your session fishing in a different way.

  1. inquire about the frequency of re-stocking

The re-stocking of a pond indicates that the pool is renewed to ensure a stable level of carp on your fishing location, either to introduce new specimen.
By getting the frequency of re-stocking of carp, you will quickly know if carp are accustomed to the usual or not fishing methods.
This will impact in the way to establish your fishing strategy.

  1. distinguish the public the private pond pond

Know if the pond is private or public will have a direct impact on your day of fishing from two points of view.
Point of view of the right to fish: If the chosen pond is a public place, you need to make sure you have the right fishing card for the right to fish there.
For this, you can visit the website of the city concerned and thus know what awaits you. On the other hand, if the chosen pond is a private place, the impact will be more important from the financial point of view.
Financial perspective: it is accepted that the private ponds are more expensive to day compared to public ponds.
The distinction between public and private pond will allow you to cross-check with the popularity of the pond and its attendance (see point # 4).
The success of fishing begins even before you take the plunge rods. You must plan your fishing party.
This preparation is to define your strategy and in the preparation of the hardware. This good preparation will allow you to be effective on your fishing station.