Casio G-shock Solid Gold Watches

Teenagers of the late 1990s are still remember: the Casio G-shock.Almost everyone had at that time such a digital clock. Girls and young women wore back then either the “baby G”, slightly smaller and in all color variations. The clock wasn’t considered as a luxury product so far yet. Now someone on the idea to recreate the former cult watch, made of solid gold, however, saw.
Jan Mihim called Berlin style expert and is an avid fan of sport G-shock watches. They can be worn even today by swimmers, rappers or skateboard riders. It is regarded as indestructible as use object that can sometimes get a scratch. But Jan Mihim his favorite watch “from the road came” and polished up for this powerful it.

Gold G-shock was Founded in Years of Experimental Work

In years of Experimetierarbeit he verdelte the case with pure gold. His attention to detail and the delicate work liked the Casio’s parent company headquartered in Tokyo so much that Mihim got the permission to reproduce his unique. Sold which is gold G-shock now under the umbrella brand “art is the alibi”.

Gold in the amount that Would be Enough for Six Models of Rolex

The Golden G-shock is limited to just 25 copies. 18 k gold in the set is used for a copy of the watches alone would be enough for six models of Rolex. But the body not only consists of the valuable substance, even screws and buckles are solid gold. Thus, the clock in the truest sense of the word is a serious matter. Alone wearing the watch is already a small force for the wrist.

The G-shock is in Gold Four Weeks Delivery Time

Available, which is exclusively about the Berlin department store KaDeWeluxury G-shock in gold. However, as the noble piece not just lying on the shelves. Each of 25 copies is a personal one-off and must be booked in advance. The customer must still decide color of the bracelet and dial before he four-week period of anticipation moves in one. So long, the delivery time is indeed. One of the Golden cult watches costs proud 25,000 euros. So that is a thousand times more expensive than there will be copies. Thus, the price certainly has its symbolic power.