Led Flashlight Head Light Reclaimable Cheetah Sensor Light Usb

Led Headlamp Rechargeable Cheetah Sensor Light-Guepardo
The Guepardo Sensor Light headlamp in addition to allowing your hands to be free during outdoor activities, has the option of infrared motion sensor, perfect for turning the flashlight on or off quickly or when the hands are dirty or occupied. Resistant to rain. Continue reading  

Sony Ericsson F305

The House of inconspicuous, but upgradeable with change covers catcher F305 is designed for daddel crazy young people.

  1. Sony Ericsson F305
  2. Data sheet

The game menu can quickly get on the screen by means of an own key. Optional play in landscape mode, which you can buy on the Sony Ericsson site, move also the two buttons above the display in the center of the action and the mobile mutates into the game console.

From House are eleven games installed, of which some take advantage of the built-in motion sensor and controlled by gestures are, such as the bowling – greetings from Nintendo’s Wii. Continue reading  

LED Disco Lights

The LEDs have not finished to amaze us. Here’s the disco LED bulb that will enlighten your mood and set fire to your evenings. A light show of madness that fits in your hand and moved anywhere provided you have electricity (of course!) and a socket E27. The play of light are now portable and as effective as their predecessors that required hours of editing. Continue reading  

Samsung S3030 Tobi

Indeed, there is little that the 149 Euro Tobi can’t, however all smaller precipitates a number as in a really well equipped mobile phone.

  1. Samsung S3030 Tobi
  2. Data sheet

Example camera: that take photos only with 1.3 megapixels of resolution, also the film’s shots fail quite small with 176 x 144 pixels, an auto focus is missing, but for a times it is always enough snapshots in good light.

A similar picture in the music player: Not bad sound, is well operated, the speaker on the back of relatively strong. The player switches off automatically on request after a certain time – ideal for those who like to fall asleep with music or an audiobook. The music listen to type a SMS is not possible. Also the supplied earphones are quite large. Continue reading  

Smart Clock with Android Arrives in Brazil

At the end of June, Google launched at its annual developer conference three smart clocks with the Android operating system.The smartwaches of the US company are Gear Live, manufactured by Samsung, Moto 360, developed by Motorola, and G Watch, produced by LG, which will be on sale in Brazilian stores from the beginning of August for R $ 699. Continue reading  

Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani

Aside from the Giorgio Armani label on the back and the Emporio Armani logo on the front, the M7500 Samsung discreetly is in dormant mode.

  1. Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani
  2. Data sheet

The keyboard consists of a single black surface. Of this, only the navigation button as exalted metal ring apart, individual keys are to identify only by their label. Is pressed a button – the pressure point is it quite crisp, it is however over with the understated. With good vocal, exceptional Keytone, around 400 euro without contract mobile phone attracts the attention. Continue reading  

Westwing Guide Tochildren’s Tablelamps

A children’s room is not a mere room for the comfort of your children. After all, for them, a delicate decorative touch is enough to give wings to the imagination of the child, turning rooms into entire kingdoms or the final of a football championship. Investing in a custom style for the taste of them is very important, just as some items are essential to their well-being, such as a child’s bedside lamp. Continue reading  

Sony Ericsson C510

May a 3 Megapixler in the face of the new pixel Panda call itself still camera phone? But surely! Because the peas – or Pixel count does not guarantee good shots or a practical handling. Straight latter is important, otherwise the shooting, no fun.

  1. Sony Ericsson C510
  2. Data sheet

Only the elegant sliding mechanism, which protects the camera provides for the for the C510. Also the two-step shutter button with the auto focus is controlled, managed and like with well defined pressure points. Push up, sharpen, trigger: more is not necessary to take a picture. Continue reading  

Mobile Internet – How to Choose a Modem, Antenna and Connector?

Wireless Internet access via cellular networks is an increasingly popular service. The growing popularity of this service among subscribers is the result of mobility, higher revenue and lower prices. The absolute highlight is LTE technology, which allows you to obtain data rates similar to landline/cable or wireless networks. Continue reading  

VIVOTEK FE8171V – IP Camera with Fisheye Lens

VIVOTEK FE8171V is the first fisheye fixed dome network camera from VIVOTEK, 3.1MP resolution with excellent image quality.Equipped with a fisheye lens for 180 ° (wall mount) or 360 ° ( 360 °) surround (ceiling/floor/table mount) without blind spots, this camera is capable of providing an 8X field of view a standard VGA camera, significantly reducing the need for multiple camera installations.It is extremely suitable for monitoring open areas like airports, malls, parking lots, shops, offices, and more. Continue reading  

Considerations For Bandwidth and Storage Space

The network bandwidth and storage space required are important factors in the design of a video surveillance system. Factors include the number of cameras, the image resolution used, the type and proportion of compression, frame rates, and scene complexity. This chapter presents some design guidelines for a system as well as information about storage solutions and various system configurations. Continue reading  

HP iPAQ Voice Messenger

One, if not even the top ranked during HP among computer manufacturers for years, the American company played only a supporting role under the mobile phone manufacturers. Target of the insert in this business field was to be able to provide interested customers with the complete IT – and PBX-infrastructure from a single source.

  1. HP iPAQ Voice Messenger
  2. Data sheet
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Put it many great companies value so you can considerably simplify the maintenance? In addition to these business-toBusiness solutions HP is trying to establish itself but also in the retail market. And here a crucial step succeeds with the new iPAQ Voice Messenger forward. Continue reading  

The Bluetooth Speaker with Nightlight Function of PEAQ

The Bluetooth Speaker with Nightlight Function of PEAQ

Yes, we have what? A portable Bluetooth LED Lamp Speaker. Sorry, what? A small wireless night light with Bluetooth speaker phone function. Small, practical and good. It also still so wonderfully minimalistic in design. Continue reading  

New Watch Smart with Android Applications Wheel Available

Androidly works independently of the smartphone, as it has internal memory and camera, but the screen size makes it difficult to use

A new intelligent clock, developed by four entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom, allows applications developed for the Android OS to run on the small 2 inch screen. The product, which is already on pre-order for some R $518 ($ $229), is called Androidly. Continue reading  

Meet the Men by Underwear!

See the underwear that combines more with you!

Modern Man: is the kind of man who doesn’t like to sit still. The models boxers are preferred. This is the guy who needs comfort combined with the freedom of movement. An important detail of this group: the elastic loops are worked. Constantly on display, the underwear works as an extension of the clothes out. Continue reading  

All-in One Water Cooling Corsair H115i: CPU Cooler in the Practice Test

The Corsair H115i is an all-in-one – water cooling for CPUs. In the practice test, we look at device, cooling capacity and volume.

  1. Corsair H115i: CPU cooler in the practice test
  2. Corsair H115i in the practice test: installation and Corsair link
  3. Corsair H115i in the practice test: cooling capacity and volume

It must be a full-blown water cooling for several hundred euros not equal if the CPU of the high-performance computer (after over clocking) sweat comes and gets hot. This proves the all-in-one – water cooling Corsair H115i, which is allowed only a few weak points in the practice test. We look at, how installation and Setup run, what does the radiator and how loud it is in operation. Continue reading