Epic Games Shows The Potential of Unreal Engine 4 in a Nexus 5

Long time confirmed the change of trend in the mobile gaming market, which is that the smarpthones have been gradually displacing the portable consoles ostracized.

Today we can enjoy titles on our phones with an impressive quality, closest to a console of truth that a casual game for smartphones, and this is due in part to the graphics engines with which developers can unleash their creativity. Continue reading  

Nagaoka MP-300 Cartridge

Moving iron cartridge eked out a niche next to the numerically superior MMs and MCs so far. That could change quickly with the new series of Nagaoka.

  1. Nagaoka MP-300 cartridge
  2. Data sheet

In practice, the Nagaokas behave exactly like MM systems. You need a high-impedance, low capacitive degree (47kΩ, < 200pF) and respond to high capacity as their magnetic brothers with brittle, brilliance-driven sound. They not good so as a panacea for poor phono inputs, the low inductive MIs of Grado are better suited for such cases. Continue reading  

Table Top Racing for Android, The Game of Racing of Cars from Toy’s Creator of WipEout

The Playrise Digital desarrollaora, Table Top Racing, whose CEO is Nick Burcombe (creator of saga WipEout for PlayStation), has launched this week for our Android devices your racing game Table Top Racing, which was released almost a year ago in iOS.

Table Top Racing It is a Free-to-Play in which we will enjoy of Racing and fighting with small cars toy in some circuits located on top of a table. It’s a game that recalls to Micro Machines. Continue reading  

Bluetrek Bizz

For 50 euros, there is the communication experts Bluetrek a headset that can serve as a memory stick: the Bluetrek Bizz. Here the test report in use with the Nokia 6300.

  1. Bluetrek Bizz
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

More than just a headset: the Bluetrek Bizz not only know how to wirelessly communicate with the phone, but can be used as a USB Flash memory to MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards.

Also surprised the 50-euro Bizz with unfamiliar Accessories: instead of a standard charger, the manufacturer puts a charging cable for the cigarette lighter and a USB charging adapter for the PC in the packaging. Continue reading  

Devices and Bikes Smarts that Have Made Success in Crowdfunding

Intelligent bicycles and cycling devices are among the many successful products on the Internet, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Among the highlights of the category, it is possible to find a bike that can be folded, another that balances without wheels, among several others. Continue reading  

Garmin Nuvi 865Tpro

Never change a running system – which have the developers by Garmin also thought and at the nuvi 865Tpro for 449 euros on the proven Garmin virtues: a high-quality and robust housing design, a brisk pace and ease of use.

  1. Garmin nuvi 865Tpro
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The main menu is clearly arranged with two large buttons for the input of destination and the map display and can be operated intuitively.

In the lower screen area of the 4.3 inch wide display are the rather less frequently used volume control and the “Accessories”-button, behind which all options and tools of mobile navigation systems. Continue reading  

NAVIGON 4350 Max

With new software and additional navigation Add-ons would keep the Wurzburg on the fast lane. For decent 259 euro NAVIGON packed his new features “MyRoutes”, “MyReport” and “smart parking” in a high-quality, black, lacquered glass and chrome-rimmed case.

  1. NAVIGON 4350 max
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

“MyRoutes” thinks a personalized route guidance, who learns of the driving style of the user and taken both his driving habits, and the time of day and day of the week in its routing. Continue reading  

Bed: Every Dog Loves!

The bed is your dog’s favorite place and everyone needs to have a. She will provide rest and tranquility for your best friend at various times of the day, especially when he’s tired or want to be quieter. Orthopedic beds, for example, are ideal for dogs that are older people, because they assist in the maintenance of health. So if your dog is older, it is recommended that he use this type of bed.Dogs love places like soft sofas and chairs. Actually, you’ve found your dog lying on the couch? The bed will provide the comfort and relaxation that dogs need, besides much benefit and comfort. Continue reading  

Geovision to Launch Hd-Sdi Solution to Meet Solution Demand

Geovision to launch HD-SDI solution to meet demand for megapixel resolution through coaxial cabling. The new line consists of a WDR HD-SDI box (GV-SDI-BX100) and a 4-channel HD-SDI hardware compression card (GV-SDI-204). They are seamlessly integrated with GV-DVR, a tri-brid video management platform that supports the combination of analog, IP and HD-SDI CCTV cameras. Continue reading  

HTC S740 Rose in the Test

There is no black roses, but they are the dream of every breeder. This is reflected also in the black, the many dark red roses such as Prince Noir, black jade or Negrette on behalf of wear. The PDA-phone HTC S740, however, carries the rose in the name – and it’s black.

  1. HTC S740 Rose in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

This suggests that the 449 euro expensive device is something special. What however doesn’t show him at first glance: the S740 is narrow like a cell phone, the size of the display and the typical numeric keypad give the impression that the HTC is a normal mobile phone. Continue reading  

The 7 Fastest Watches

Watches With Top Speed

What watches are the fastest? And what is the advantage of the high speed of the wearer at all? For sports cars, the maximum speed is an important value. Watches should not run faster, otherwise they go ahead. But the clock, the balance, can turn faster. The higher speed there leads to a higher precision of the clock. If 18,000 half-oscillations (equal to 2.5 hertz) were normal during the hour, 18,800 half-oscillations (4 hertz) are already standard. Continue reading  

Storage Giant with Fun Factor

Nokia’s N81 wants to entertain the users with music, games and high-speed Internet access. We have tested the newbie.

The N81 8 GB offers lots of memory, a good music player and also has business users to offer the one or the other gimmick. Much like the N95 8 GB has also the N81 the games platform N-Gage and a revised multimedia menu on board, which is designed to simplify the use of games and music. Continue reading  

Navigation and More

Navigation, music or design: Sony Ericsson would like to dance with his three new phones at many weddings.

Sony Ericsson has unveiled three new phones CES in Las Vegas at the electronics fair. In the W760i, the manufacturer will take a mobile phone with built-in GPS navigation for the first time. Maps is provided for 19 European countries. Also, the slider comes with powerful much multimedia, from a 3.2-megapixel camera up to interesting game functions. Continue reading  

Asus Brings New Version of 7-Inch Tablet

Memopad HD7 has four processor cores and 7-inch screen; The company also announced new models of ultrabooks

The Asus has launched this Tuesday (8) a new version of the tablet MemoPad, with price of R $799. The product, which is the bet of the company to the low-cost segment, has four-core processor, 7-inch screen with IPS technology and HD resolution and two cameras, one back with a resolution of 5 megapixels. In addition to the tablet, Asus also announced new models of ultrabooks. Continue reading  

Moschino Cell Phone Purse

Moschino is one of the most ironic fashion brands that have ever existed. Already at the beginning of its glorious history the fashion brand has distingo for his humor, his charm, its colors, its pop prints. And even more so now, with the arrival of Jeremy Scott to creative director of the fashion house Moschino is synonymous with irreverence, both as regards the clothing, both as regards the accessories. Continue reading