Headphones Ultrasone Edition 8

The new Ultrasone Edition 8 striking by its reflecting surface. But mostly he brilliant sound.

  1. Headphones Ultrasone Edition 8
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That developers of their creations are entirely convinced, is probably absolutely normal. The Chief manufacturer Ultrasone Florian König can also certify a strong sense of mission. So can he is downright enthusiastic about it auslasssen, what distinguishes Ultrasone headphones. Continue reading  

Samsung Galaxy I7500

Long, it looked as if the former protagonist of Microsoft HTC was the only manufacturer that brings out devices based on Android. However, now joined by Samsung to, and thus a mobile forge that has already proved a good sense for equipment suitable for different operating systems.

  1. Samsung Galaxy I7500
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The South Koreans Android rather assign a private setting, is also to see that they provide the 549 euro Galaxy I7500 without digits – or QWERTY keyboard with a touch screen. He works on the capacitive principle which precludes the operation by pen. Continue reading  

Nokia 6720 Classic in the Test

The Nokia 6720 classic effect initially quite inconspicuous. But still waters are notoriously low, and so the S60 phone with inner values boasts.

  1. Nokia 6720 classic in the test
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Viewed from the side the keypad of the candy bar model is lush bent, on closer inspection, the ergonomic curve shape fails but much less. Check for easy handling, the good workmanship and high quality material selection with a battery cover metal, also the keyboard leaves mostly a good impression. Only the lowest number series can be operated slightly heavier, because here the lower edge of the housing is slightly high. Continue reading  

HTC Hero in the Test

After the Taiwanese manufacturer has supplied both T-Mobile and Vodafone with an exclusive Android model, he sells the hero through various channels. The device is available at T-Mobile as the G2 touch in black colour, with E-plus in the white HTC original version and free provider in white or silver grey.

  1. HTC Hero in the test
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As already the HTC Magic, also the hero puts on touch operation. His base broken off still underlines the relationship to the ur-Android Smartphone G1. On the versions of the network operators still proprietary software is pre-installed in part, G2 touch, for example, a direct access to the Web’n ‘ walk portal or the new Media Center. Continue reading  

Stereoplay Practice: So Easy, So Good

Where you put the woofer, is a matter of taste. Close to the speakers, the sound is often homogeneous, in corners of the room, they achieve a particularly intense stimulation without big stress the woofer.

What ever makes a Woofer and how do I get it in my chain? Subwoofers are specialized, incredibly powerful in relation to size and price utility boxes on deep bass. Their lower limiting frequency, say their deep bass capacity is mainly by the electronics the size determined and not so much. They are indestructible by limiter normally. Continue reading  

Kamp Nude Speaker of Vienna Acoustics Kiss

Kiss emphasizes independent Vienna acoustics (12000 euros the pair) always acts as the Latin lover tried to charm and temperament. Her character is polarized.

  1. Kamp nude speaker of Vienna acoustics Kiss
  2. Data sheet

Compactness was a standardized term at any time, and so it is not surprising that the market developed different ideas. Vienna acoustics interprets the subject of unusually generous and enriched our field with a model whose measurements bigger fail than that of many standing speakers. Continue reading  

Sony Walkman Z1000: a Player Android to The That Only You Lack Being Phone [CES 2012]

Now that Sony It has given close to Ericsson in its division of smartphones, sounds much better for “ Sony Walkman ”. The first with this name is the Sony Walkman Z1000, a multimedia player with Android 2.3, which bit is missing to be a great smartphone: in particular, the “ phone & #8221;.

In addition, the Japanese company has decided to take the rest on this device, and has included a impressive collection of audio technologies the House brand: Clear Audio, S-Master MX, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), xLOUD integrated speakers, and comes with a set of headphones EX. Come on, what does, it does well. Continue reading  

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +, Comparative: Competes as Well The Best Samsung among The Range High Android of 2017

The day has come and the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already among us, and yet, from This revolution that we had promised the Korean giant and that all expected have not seen too much. New expectations, and is that really… what we expected of a smartphone as the Galaxy S8?

Technology It has not advanced far enough as a leap too large, and if so, surely this Galaxy S8 not be called Galaxy S8 and it would result in one of the most anticipated terminals of the past months, a Galaxy X which is already emerging, but not dared to reach for the time being commercially. Continue reading  

Nokia 5730 XpressMusic

For the 5730 XpressMusic, Nokia will just 329 euro. That is an average price for a pure music phone, but the compact, if also somewhat chubby rocker with typewriter keyboard offers significantly more and showed real Smartphone qualities in the test.

  1. Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
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The 5730 XpressMusic works with Nokia’s S60 Smartphone platform, and joins between the models 5630 XpressMusic and the 5800 XpressMusic. The here tested 5730 comes as a mobile phone in the bar form and contents itself with a keypad that is 5800 only via a touch screen operated. This 5730 XM offers a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for easy text input. Continue reading  

Lenovo Takes Android Ice Cream Sandwich to Your TV [CES 2012]

Lenovo have their own concept of “Google TV”… at CES 2012 Las Vegas have presented the Lenovo K91, a TV with Android, and also in its most recent version, Ice Cream Sandwich. In fact, the computer hardware is similar to an Android tablet. Your brain is a dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Taking advantage of the possibilities of the operating system, the TV can be controlled through a voice interface, using an advanced system that allows a very natural language. If we don’t want to talk to the not-so-silly box, it will come accompanied by a remote control with touch surface, directional pad, and motion sensors. This will facilitate the control of according to which games, avoiding having to lift the 42 or 55, inch TV. Continue reading  

Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note, with Support Included

It is one thing that obsesses us increasingly in these times and our fondness for smartphones our battery life. Each time terminals can offer more possibilities, but the biggest problem is that the physical world which depend on our terminals have limitations and powerful batteries are incompatible with the obsession of the current mobile phones make increasingly thinner.

Therefore, if one wants to increase the capacity of your battery only you are two options: search prototypes of new expensive batteries and which are still in phase of experimentation, or giving up a thin terminal and buy a thicker battery and enjoy security of greater autonomy, which at Mugen have already shown many times that know it well to do. Continue reading  

Develop Interactive Glasses with Android in Spain [Innocent]

Update:All of this news is a joke, on the occasion of the day of the Holy Innocents, on 28 December. Therefore the content is false.

As we know very well in this blog, Android is synonymous with innovation. And today we are pleased to announce a Interactive glasses with smells, sounds and also flavors such as promotion of tourism in Spain. It is the idea that being developed at the Department of computer engineering from the campus of Orihuela of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, work that is being conducted in collaboration with Keio University in Tokyo and the National University of Singapore, where it has established the scientific basis of these glasses, focusing at the moment on the possibility of recognizing someone else through the transmission of smells and sounds , as reflected in New Scientist. Continue reading  

Google Calls on Developers That They Optimize Their Apps for The S8 and LG G6 Galaxy Screens

When Android started to emerge, many developers who were accustomed to working in iOS, complained that was a strain publish applications SO Google have to optimize them for different phones that had that software.

Curious is that today there is no such complaint, although possibly If they lose more hours count on optimizing apps for the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, presented the first yesterday itself. And it is that Google wants, so early, third-party apps to be ready for these new formats of vision. Continue reading  

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520

For many people, a BlackBerry is increasingly becoming the duty, often to a very valued. But not every employer generously equips his staff with this mail machines.

  1. RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520
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And some self-employed must monetize first, before he can make more effective his work with a business phone from RIM. So it is good, that the purchase of a BlackBerry Curve 8520 with under 300 euros the budget comparatively little burden. Especially at the keyboard, the sale curve approaches already very close to the great example of bold, here too, the keys inclined slightly to the outside even with short finger nails are well and quickly to meet. Because one needs no merit chance to escape because a mail remained unanswered. Continue reading  

These Are The Official Accessories That Come with The Galaxy S8

Yesterday presented the S8 Galaxy, which were disclosed few mysteries were to know who has confirmed most of the rumors that had been taking place in recent months. Finally we have known a little more Bixby and the possibilities of DeX, but now time to talk about their accessories.

It is not difficult for that many users of the S8 Galaxy or its Plus version opt to buy some of their official accessories, whether any of the covers as their base load or an external battery. Whatever it is, then We will make a compilation of supplements for the ‘flagship’ corenao You can buy, although at the moment there is no official prices. Continue reading  

Guide to Buy Second Hand of Android Mobile

Change phone is always a complicated task that involves many factors. For example, sometimes a phone seems perfect in function and design, but price us out of the budget. Don’t settle for less, sometimes a good start to this dilemma is to get with a second hand Terminal.

As its name suggests, a second hand phone has already gone through another owner and that means certain special considerations When considering your purchase. We have all heard some horror story about the purchase of a used device, but bearing in mind the following tips you should minimize the risk of falling into a scam and achieve get your mobile phone of your dreams at a bargain price. Continue reading  

Andy Rubin Bet on Android in Its New Smartphone Essential, According to Eric Schmidt

That Andy Rubin, one of the founders of Android, takes time away from Google no longer a secret. Already several weeks ago the name of the former Executive of the Mountain View returned to come to light when it was learned that he was behind a new smartphone called Essential, and recently appeared a picture of a smartphone in your hand.

The news was obvious because the fashion would join the future terminal of the Mobile without frames and he is has been speculating that it would include its own operating system that, by the way, nothing today is known. But little more than one hour ago appeared a Tweet from Eric Schmidt, Google executive, revealing that the Essential would use Android as an operating system. Continue reading  

Nokia 6710 Navigator in the Test

With the 6710, Nokia will send the second Navigator model in the race and continues to the small series of its phones specialising in routing.

  1. Nokia 6710 Navigator in the test
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On the outside, the troubled somewhat bulky slider is rather inconspicuous in his beige Brown outfit. This stands the lush dimensioned with 2.6 inch display in the eye. That represents the contents of the S60 phones bright and intense colour, only in terms of sharpness, the UMTS mobile phone could offer something more. Continue reading  

The Display of The Samsung Galaxy S8 Comes Configured by Default in Resolution FullHD +

That the screen would be the absolute protagonist of the S8 Galaxy was a fact well known thanks to the leaks of the past months. Samsung has opted to include larger screens in a design in which frames are reduced significantly for so not to damage the total size of the new Galaxy S8 and S8 +. But in addition to its size, its sides or corners rounded curves, the display of the new flagship of Samsung stands out for its resolution. Continue reading  

The Future of The Series Galaxy a: Curved Screens and New A5 and A7 on Road

The Galaxy series is one of the most popular catalog of Samsung and everything indicates that very soon there will be interesting developments in this range, corresponding to the middle range. In particular the models that would be renewed soon are the Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 2017 Galaxy, that there is enough concrete clues as to its possible innovations.

At the same time a rumor coming directly from South Korea says that the future generation of the Galaxy A series (which is apellidaría 2018) It would add to the trend of the curved screens same as top models of the catalog for the brand. This is what could bring the future of the middle range of Samsung. Continue reading  

Foscam FI9805W Test

Burglars are fairly simple to understand criminals: they will attack your home when you are not there. To avoid their rampage, should pay people to keep your cottage, but everyone can not afford to opt for this solution.

People in this situation often decide then to acquire surveillance cameras. Besides, the market is flooded with many kinds. Foscam, a leading manufacturer of camera features such as its model Foscam FI9828W, but we will focus here on the Foscam FI9805W is most appreciated by consumers.

Continue reading  

Nubia Z11, Review with Video

The young Chinese manufacturer Nubia finally lands in our markets, and makes it to distancing itself from the minute of a ZTE that gives shade, but that claim to be completely independent to design, manufacture and sell your devices.

Nubia proposal for its international premiere is more than interesting, though This Nubia Z11 that we have been tested thoroughly inherits some recipes more distinguished as OnePlus, Honor or Xiaomi compatriots, but also a very distinctive design and various details that give the poster of one of the coolest smartphones by its quality/price ratio This year we are already finishing. Continue reading