Turntable of Thorens TD-160 HD / RB-250

The Thorens TD-160 can look back on an incredible ancestry. But not always played the ur Thorense at high level as the current.

  1. Turntable of Thorens TD-160 HD / RB-250
  2. Data sheet

In the huge Thorens heyday which ranged into the 80s, also the remote, but the ancestors of the TD-160 had to tolerate sometimes massive additional weights on their plate axes HD. Such tuning was already aroused controversy because differently as the avid had exactly the ur-Thorens a coil spring sub-chassis calculated for their original Cream, that just went without additional adjustments that often have been no out of convenience, under the additional load in the knees. The conical coil springs but otherwise had problems, had to be meticulously adjusted for proper operation. In the factory or trade this adjustment was not held apparently mostly with success, that the majority of many sold 160, as well as up to the 90s produced offspring drastically under form played a la 166 and 146, “out of the box”. Continue reading  

LG KM900 Arena

S-class LG confidently called the Panel, which was created for the in-house mobile phones with touch screen. There are good reasons for confidence: the operation of the arena runs really smoothly, works by turning on intuitive, can be adapted to the own ideas and is also really fun.

  1. LG KM900 arena
  2. Data sheet

The starting point is a cube that rotates with a wipe across the screen and provides access to four different home screens. You are one of the hallmarks of the S-class interface, as well as the elaborate animations that make the short waiting times. An extra graphics chip provides a representation of the liquid. Continue reading  

Musical Fidelity A 1008 Power Amplifier

Whether with bits or analog fired the musical fidelity A 1008 (3450 euro) lay down a furious hearing test appearance. Caution, was not to turn up to, boxes chassis can shatter A 1008!

  1. Musical Fidelity A 1008 power amplifier
  2. Data sheet

Musical Fidelity Chief Antony Michaelson loves so much that he distributed to contemporaries decibel tables the dynamics. Also, he builds amplifiers such as the A 1008 for 3450 euro, which leaves no doubt with his deposed heavy transformer station and its alustarken, slightly fierce exterior, that he understands no fun in the implementation of large forms. Continue reading  

Integrated Amplifier, Marantz PM 11 S 2

In the bass, the Marantz PM tends 11 S 2 (4000 euro) even to a certain cosiness with big, habhaften, never aneckenden forms in the HiFiist almost fall and bathe in it.

  1. Integrated amplifier, Marantz PM 11 S 2
  2. Data sheet

After the Brinkmann, the new PM 11s 2 shows how different the approach to the topic of large integrated amplifier can be. Marantz feels the all-round coating with thick walls and profiles – including copper plating of the basic chassis and the back – as an obligation. And the immediate active mothering of the input signals as supreme virtue. Continue reading  

Westwing Tabtable Lamp

Having a good table lamp is not enough to create lighting for you to read or work on. The table lamp also has the function of embellishing the environment where it is. With this in mind, lamp manufacturers have begun to create models that are ever more beautiful and suitable for their purpose.The current table lamp is able to enhance its decoration, perfectly matching the style of the room where it is, since it exists in several models. Continue reading  

Amplifier Brinkmann of Integrated Amplifier

The integrated amplifier, Brinkmann (5500 euros) sounded at the first beats music fantastic: warm, bearing and fine. At the other he appeared already gorgeous, and in the following, he pulled the listener in a kind of time machine.

  1. Amplifier Brinkmann of integrated amplifier
  2. Data sheet

“Just the appearances”, answered the question why the two bright light-emitting diodes serve back in his amplifier Helmut Brinkmann. But only a very green HiFi novice could expire the idea, the developers have trimmed through the 5500 euro amp on show. Continue reading  

Amplifier Symphonic Line RG 9 MK 4

In the Symphonic line RG 9 MK 4 (4100 euros) were allowed to celebrate real messy sound colors, forms, movements. Also phono sound alive-fine MM and MC. There have been discussions just because of altitude.

  1. Amplifier symphonic line RG 9 MK 4
  2. Data sheet

Usually, Rolf maintains common following daily schedule: in the early hours, he sits in the Office, then it is available to its customers in the afternoon by telephone, in the evening listening and tuning begins. Continue reading  

Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones

Sennheiser dared a new concept for the HD 800 (1000 Euro). Whether it pays for itself, clarifies this test.

  1. Sennheiser HD 800 headphones
  2. Data sheet

“We have can improve the quality of our headphones over the years with continuous improvements up to the HD 650. But now it was time to make a fresh start.” The words of Sennheisers Development Manager for headphones, Axel GRELL, make it clear that 800 new ways were sought for the HD. This is expressed in the price which is significantly higher than that of all previous dynamic headphones from the tradition forged in Wedemark with 1000 euro. Continue reading  

Active Speaker ME Geithain RL 940

The RL 940 (5300 euro the pair) by ME Geithain shines though not with Visual stimuli, for professional active electronics and a coaxial driver.

  1. Active speaker ME Geithain RL 940
  2. Data sheet

Dealing with the technically brand new RL 940 was so fascinating as the lowest optical stimulus came from her. Visitors for Geithain so far was not a term, thought handle a pro provisional wooden box to measure car chassis.

But such malice fell silent as soon as the led in the bracket of the tweeter to green jumped and the RL 940 so unleashed started that even hardened Highender got goosebumps and afterwards excited slipped like schoolchildren to the unadorned boxes because they could hardly believe that you can pack the finest high-end so unemotional. Continue reading  

Active Speaker ADAM Tensor Epsilon

So unwaveringly solid as the exterior is also the sound the ADAM tensor Epsilon (5400 euros the pair), the works goes extremely smudge-free and bell-clean sensitive despite the greatest sonority.

  1. Active speaker ADAM tensor Epsilon
  2. Data sheet

The Epsilon marks ADAM started in the noble tensor series, where the Berliner packed his Studio-proven active boxing technique in a living room-grade design manufacturer, whose quality withstands even the most critical consideration.

The at least 41 centimeters high, extremely heavy for their size, and incredibly solid-looking box is wrapped in finest gloss all around, which helps you to the uniquely best value impression in our three-way discussion. Continue reading  

Active Speaker Backes & Muller BM 2

The border up to which down the BM 2 (5000 euros the pair) delivers sound pressure, varies between 30 and 48 Hertz. So the user can weigh what is more important to him: maximum depth or higher sound pressure reserves.

  1. Active speaker Backes & Muller BM 2
  2. Data sheet

Under the brand names represented in this comparison, the Saarland traditional Backes & Muller should enjoy the greatest degree of familiarity to Hi-Fi friends. Here, the brand benefits from its long-term presence and a sales structure that is tailored to the wishes and needs of private customers. Continue reading  

Stereoplay – Technology in Detail: Professional Quality for Home

While friends passive transducers at the purchase should determine whether they close to the wall or free would set up, monitor owners are flexible for all times.

The active technology with built-in amplifiers and powerless, electronic filters instead of power-eating passive crossover gives you a number of advantages, which are also in home applications of importance the studio monitors. They relate to the ability to integrate as well as the basic sound properties. Continue reading  

Sony PlayStation 3 / 80 GB

Sony’s PlayStation 3 (400 euro) is the top-selling Blu-ray player. There are good reasons – and yet a few more. Also for hi-fi enthusiasts.

  1. Sony PlayStation 3 / 80 GB
  2. Data sheet

A deja vu? No, hardware and software vary considerably to the ur-PlayStation 3, the ULI Fessler was testing two years ago, and that has to do with saving: the customer saves with the current price of 400 euro full 200 and WINS place with the larger 80-GB hard drive. Sony, however, saves on the outside the card reader for memory stick, SD card and Compact Flash and hard – Software compatibility to older PlayStation games, which in turn eliminates the card slot, and also the second graphics chip named graphics synthesizer for PS 2 games thus falls away. Without the forced backward compatibility the software let streamline. Continue to Sony now saves up to two of the four USB ports, and the current drive knows no SACDs. Continue reading  

Phono Preamp Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement

The Lehmann Black cube statement (310 euros) elicits the plates many details will remain here but tonally balanced.

  1. Phono preamp Lehmann audio black cube statement
  2. Data sheet

Even if the additional statement suggests, it was a more elaborate version of the well known popular Black cube (7/06), it is vice versa. The statement should be the gateway drug for the now extensive range of Lehmann. Therefore, two has stereo amplifier components the statement instead of four Mono-OPs. Continue reading  

Phono Preamp TRICHORD Dino MK II & Dino +.

The Dino Mk II (together 800 euros) with slightly sharper location, subtly more articulation, as well as more comprehensive overview in complex passages is thanked for the connection of the power supply Dino +.

  1. Phono preamp TRICHORD Dino MK II & Dino +.
  2. Data sheet

Externally, the MK II version with its predecessor (6/05) the Dino has much in common. So the acrylic case shines here too, and two dip switches for each channel there are still on the bottom, quite fine to change the gain, as well as the input values. Inside however, the English have changed much. So there now in the signal path, until on the passive equalization, no further coupling capacitors, DC voltages occurring additional OPs away rules. Continue reading  

Musical Fidelity V-LPS Phono Preamplifier

The cheap musical fidelity V-LPS (165 euros) like the MM – as well as the MC input with warm, harmonious tones.

  1. Musical Fidelity V-LPS phono preamplifier
  2. Data sheet

In this test, already the most affordable candidate shows up as practical phono stage. Although the input impedance can be used for the V-LPS do not modify and fine tune the reinforcement, but toggle only between MM and MC, she shines but with sensible values. Continue reading  

Phono Preamplifier Audio Lab 8000 PPA

The audio lab 8000 PPA (950 euros) presents itself as fully featured Phono prescripts with two switchable independent inputs. She also allow for a punchy sound pleased also.

  1. Phono preamplifier Audio Lab 8000 PPA
  2. Data sheet

Audio Lab, Camtech, TAG McLaren and since 2004 again Audio Lab: the English brand has since its inception in 1983 some name changes behind. Of the high-price policies of his predecessor has adopted is the new owner of IAG, resumes where in China the original components built 8000 PPA and dispenses with the expensive output transformers, which in the meantime providing balanced outputs. Continue reading  

Phono Preamp Moon LP 3

The Moon LP 3 (500 euro) gives herself confidently the fine work. So, she could give even the correct melting violin and widely present Orchestra.

  1. Phono preamp Moon LP 3
  2. Data sheet

The reputation that precedes the from Canada’s Simaudio Moon machines, makes curious in this country. Visually the LP 3 with its aluminium profile case times not very impressed. From the outside it does not alignment – or switching possibilities. They reveal themselves when you look in the Interior: gain, input impedance and capacity can be independently selected. The Phonofreund must settle this with two different, but practical values. Continue reading  

Phono Preamp TRICHORD Dino MK II + NC

With the PSU Dino + NC Dino MK is rising II phono stage (1050 euro) in the absolute top class.

  1. Phono preamp TRICHORD Dino MK II + NC
  2. Data sheet

Externally, the MK II version with its predecessor (6/05) the Dino has much in common. So the acrylic case shines here too, and two dip switches for each channel there are still on the bottom, quite fine to change the gain, as well as the input values. Inside however, the English have changed much. So there now in the signal path, until on the passive equalization, no further coupling capacitors, DC voltages occurring additional OPs away rules. Continue reading  

Phono Preamplifier TRICHORD Dino MK II.

The Trichord Dino Mk characterized II (500 euro) with standard power supply not only by their universality. Jazz/pop friends going to also use their punchy, vibrant art.

  1. Phono preamplifier TRICHORD Dino MK II.
  2. Data sheet

Externally, the MK II version with its predecessor (6/05) the Dino has much in common. So the acrylic case shines here too, and two dip switches for each channel there are still on the bottom, quite fine to change the gain, as well as the input values. Inside however, the English have changed much. So there now in the signal path, until on the passive equalization, no further coupling capacitors, DC voltages occurring additional OPs away rules. Continue reading  

CD Player Creek Evo 2 CDP

Can-do liveliness and beautiful fragrant, never harshly heights show the Creek Evo 2 CDP right off the bat as classes high-flyer.

  1. CD player Creek Evo 2 CDP
  2. Data sheet

The new CD-player little to find fault can be found from the outset, except that the HiFiist is necessarily on a Philips drive. Because this exchanged vibration firmer Sanyo Creek now against a gentle bearing and in his opinion. Prima in any case that the player rather than the PCM 1738 now got Burr Brown’s clear interference poorer PCM 1796. The balanced output signals are amplified by ICs of the type 5532 individually and gently analog filter. As a result a relatively current strong colleague (OPA 2134) summarizes the two poles and sends also then subito highfidelen environment the finished output signals. The Evo 1 has yet DC separating capacitor at this point, the new player thanks to closer DC balance needed no more. Continue reading  

Amplifier Creek Evo 2 IA

To create riots, the Creek Evo not – good 2 IA (785 euros) when it comes on but it, to get as far as possible highendige sounds for little money, he is probably unbeatable.

  1. Amplifier Creek Evo 2 IA
  2. Data sheet

The fleeting glance through the cooling slots of the amplifier led to the cool disenchantment. Sapperlot, there on the mark circles with the solder rings in the Middle, but power supplylocos would have to stand there. The more accurate comparison with the Evo 1 deepens the dilemma. The extent of the toroidal transformer is only 11 rather than 12 centimeters, instead of a team now is a Quartet of diode rectifies. For the main electricity storage now actually four electrolytic capacitors with a capacity need to submit instead of eight ever 4700 micro Farad, whereby the Assembly of its predecessor of admittedly far surpassed the standard of the class. Continue reading  

Speaker Gradient Helsinki 1.5

A Finnish bass dipole promises a larger listening area and less bass drone. The gradient is beautiful 1.5 Helsinki (5900 EUR the pair) on top of that.

  1. Speaker gradient Helsinki 1.5
  2. Refreshingly different
  3. Data sheet

Conventional speakers with closed or reflex dampened woofer departments and after front radiant midrange drivers dominate the market so much so that alternative designs such as round or dipole radiator number play a completely subordinate role. The so-called direct emitters are not as straightforward as its defenders like to claim. So combining distinctive, mid and high frequency inevitably results in a relatively small listening area, also the sound more than all of us depends on the properties of space. Continue reading