PSB Alpha B1

The great unknown: Who, please, is behind the three letters PSB? A question which reveals that we have occasionally lived Germans like Hillbilly. Because almost on the entire globe, PSB is an established name. But in large parts of Central Europe do not.

  1. PSB Alpha B1
  2. Data sheet

The reasons are purely political, the new importer lets know: PSB speakers belongs to the great, Honorable NAD Empire – managed by the parent company, the internationally active Lenbrook group. The apparent conflict: In the German market sells Dynaudio nad electronics and has of course a high interest to help not yet a potential speaker competitors in the country with the “distant relatives” of PSB. Especially since the claims compensate. Danes don’t lie, Canadians allegedly even less. Continue reading  

Canton GLE 420

Canton GLE 420 given the price class sent a model of truth in the AUDIO listening room. You expect compromises – and not listen.

  1. Canton GLE 420
  2. Data sheet

The 420 is the smallest autonomous box of the GLE series. Including ranks still nominally only the GLE 410 – Canton but designed as pure rear speakers to the wall. The 420 looks, however, as real, adult compact monitor, it is best on a stand. The amplifier must be not ultra-muscular. Like all speakers from the Taunus also the GLE 420 with a high efficiency throws against the listener from the stereo-axis. Continue reading  

Yamaha A-S 700

The A-S 700 is a stereo amplifier of the old school. More specifically, infinite batteries sound switches and regulators ruled the front panel HiFi School of the 1970s, in your and stimulated the enthusiastic owner to play. But this would still up to date? In the 21st century, is known to some audiophile skepticism proposes opposed such controls.

  1. Yamaha A-S 700
  2. Data sheet

The current, in the retro-design A-S 700 has not only a classic direct switch that comes only with the sound control and balance levels, but also as an ultra-purist mode called “CD Direct Amplification”. Which simply means that the CD input – and only this – bypassing the complete preamp level directly to the power amplifier is routed. Also the electronic input and recording selector will be bypassed. Enable and disable can your direct line only by mechanical switch on the front panel be. In the signal path remains a private, on CD voltage level optimized OP-amp and the high-quality, motorized bright. Continue reading  

Arcam Solo Mini

Hard to believe how much plant on the floor space of a shoebox fits. The Arcam solo mini with nine centimeters is so flat, that little more than a pair of slippers is found space.

For a full CD-receiver with dual tuner (FM/DAB) it has enough anyway. And because increasingly other sources play a role in modern families, the developer in Cambridge have also thought of the MP3 group. Continue reading  

Sonus Faber Toy Tower + Toy Center

Inimitable look and elegance – that always succeeds Sonus Faber best. Already on the last year’s high-end small, 900 euro ripped cheap toy, although only a photo model, visitors to storms of enthusiasm going. The Italian brand, otherwise world tip gave a minimal blue shimmering anthracite black cowhide leather dress of the new series in the processing of solid wood. Continue reading  

Jamo R 907

Also the traditional manufacturer of jamo wants again started in the high end range with the reference line. The brand new R 907 is a classical dipole with open baffle and dynamic loading.

  1. Jamo R 907
  2. Data sheet

This means that the bass driver at the bottom without additional deflection units increasingly in the acoustic short-circuit must work and move air from front to back, with only a small part of audible sound waves. A dipole is used to force higher level it needs bring strong drives, much membrane surface and a special chassis tuning, because otherwise expunged bass tones and the cones to the limit. The two stable jamo twelve ZOLLER seem exactly at these working conditions to be adapted with die-cast basket and chrome plating, the efficiency is but lower than in closed boxes, but still in the practical field. Continue reading  

Yamaha CD-S 700

It looks like in the lead image if the Yamaha CD-S 700 makes his charge – or draws. And pretty much exactly as it sounds: one hears about the rapid slide of the CD tray as well as anything, because the Yamaha engineers have invested hundreds of hours of development and considerable production costs in a 110-percent loading mechanism.

  1. Yamaha CD-S 700
  2. Data sheet

You could say also “wasted”, because the effort at this point not the slightest bit sound brings. But, as well, as you can’t just POPs good food in a metal Bowl, also of listening pleasure requires some accompanying aesthetic. The charger is also relatively cheap to produce, because Yamaha obstructed him also for the great player CD-S 1000 and 2000 (AUDIO 7/08 and 2/08) – but with even F4.6 metal tray. Considerably smaller than on the expensive brothers, the power supply of the CD-S 700 fails. The switchable pure direct mode focuses these resources but on the essentials, by turning off digital output and display. Continue reading  

Rotel RSX-1550

In the new AV receivers from Rotel you will sure quick to agree: both are a true HiFi sensation.

  1. Rotel RSX-1550
  2. Data sheet

In addition to tradition, latest technology finds place in the silver housing. Da adorn four small HDMI interface on the back of the receiver, in addition to one output. Of course, that correspond to the current and the Blu-ray disc of indispensable standard HDMI 1.3a. To safely reach also streams from your Blu-ray player to the receiver and be there with the assistance of the appropriate decoder in audible HD sound worlds transformed, no matter whether Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master audio. Continue reading  

Martin Logan CLX

The electrostatic of Martin Logan, how about the Spire, are often mentioned as classic examples of surfaces speakers, fans praise their three-dimensional sound image as their infinite resolution. The most Logan’s in the bass range are conventionally equipped: with a round radiant cone chassis.

Not so the flagship CLX: here developer David laid up Allen and his team mightily in the stuff, to conjure up and also a fast woofer to the precise treble of means of. The 28000 euro sculpture is a 2-way construct: A narrow, slightly curved in favour of larger sweet spot membrane surface works exceeding 350 Hertz, a larger, straight surface functions as a woofer. This has the advantage that high oscillation of a membrane carries not the other distortions. To prevent partial coloration of the feather-light films, they are clamped precisely calculated, irregular intervals via rubber dampers. They are driven purely electrostatic, a huge capacitor by an electric field, so comparable. The force acting on the foil polarity, and the meticulously follows the music signal. So that’s developed enough drive, a bias must be created between the fixed metal bars by several 1000 Volts – that does the electronics hidden in the foot that needs therefore also its own power supply. Continue reading  

T + A Criterion TS300 + TR 450 + TC 500

Instead of leather and sophistication, the T + A TS300 relies on optical understatement, only the curved shape of its sides is a catcher. Neither their volume nor their moderately proportioned 18 cm chassis point to the bass violence inside. But the T + A-connoisseur knows: like already the classic series, a transmission from the moderate mass brings a sound foundation of the extra class. The technique, which handled only with a delay and redirection of the depth stake radiated into the box – in contrast to the own resonator of a reflex system – is known for their clean and deep bass inserts under high change. Continue reading  

Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom

Tannoy ensures the cheapest box in this competition: modest 240 euro wish the Scots by the buyer. As you suspected a misunderstanding and asks open: for the piece? No, replies for the couple, the German distributor. Finally the predecessor wanted not too be trumps.

  1. Tannoy mercury F1 custom
  2. Data sheet

At that time, around a year ago, the pair of 200 euro was the changing of the guard, now a second last name adorns the new Tannoy Mercury F1. The “custom” issue was raised in all the invisible points: new capacitors in the soft, new reinforcement of the housing. Only the chassis remained intact and proven: silk in height meets on a coated paper diaphragm in the depth. Actually would have to be significantly more expensive to pay just a so financial sensitive people such as the Scots this high-quality building blocks. Continue reading  

Denon RCD-CX1

Don’t make a mess, but pads – so the job to the developers must have been. How else could be explained that the RCD CX_1 is much massive built than other CD receiver that receives AUDIO on the table?

It weighs eight kilos 30 centimeters wide and 43 centimeters deep powerhouse on the dare – which is a non-negligible part attributable to millimeters thick aluminum plates, which cover the casing. The solid drive with a base of zinc casting and three-layered metal cover builds quite high, giving the CX-1 a slightly kast-side format with Bull-side appearance. For this, it absorbs vibrations but also so much that the drawer glides almost silently back and forth. No doubt about it: This processing has high quality. Continue reading  

Cartridge Gold Ring 2200

Moving iron cartridge eked out a niche next to the numerically superior MMs and MCs so far. That could change quickly with the new series of gold ring.

  1. Cartridge gold ring 2200
  2. Data sheet

That the 2000 explicitly sold as MM, has to do with the low awareness of the moving-iron technique. Unlike at MMs and moving coils, wearing either tiny bar magnets, or fine Dishwashers on the cantilever, both parts of the generator are mounted at MIs firmly in the system body. The music-dependent modulation of the magnetic field lines – prior prerequisite for the emergence of the signal voltage – takes over a tiny tube (other manufacturers also a slice or ring) of magnetically highly conductive material that sits back on the cantilever and immerse in the stationary field. Permalloy, a nickel-iron alloy, is usually used, which is why Nagaoka the own systems also “moving perm-alloy”, short MP, is called. Continue reading  

Speaker Vienna Acoustics Waltz Grand

A slightly sloping rear panel of the Vienna acoustics Waltz Grand (1400 euros the pair) permitted in combination with a smart wall-mounting eight different types of orientation.

  1. Speaker Vienna acoustics Waltz Grand
  2. Data sheet

An elegant as well as independent interpretation of the theme comes from the Austrian boxing Manufactory of Vienna acoustics. The solution emphasizes space-saving the sonorous name of Waltz Grand and includes abundant membrane area despite scarce volume. Continue reading  

Dali Lektor 1

Boxes buyers who look with blinders on the pure number of points, could in the form of Dali see Lektor 1 some chance to the melody – and may get the wrong box for their space in the home. Finally the AUDIO team selects the test candidates even after commercial value: which box for who is the best?

  1. Dali Lektor 1
  2. Data sheet

So we cheer Dali now on lecturer 1 as our representative for the category of noble “small-is it not boxes”. With 3.1 kilograms live weight, we are facing the thinnest speakers in this test. Nice nothing, slimmed down very accurately and clearly addressed: this speaker is a real ‘shelf box’, is as close to the wall as possible and outclassed other candidates, which although nominally have the one or the other point, but on the shelf to booming troublemakers mutate. Dali achieved this often desired property with a meaningful vote in the double, open front bass reflex tube. Continue reading  

Stereoplay Measurement: Always Along the Wall Along

To comfort the sound in practice suffers not so dramatically, as have us believe the measurements.

Operated directly in front of a wall, have all speakers with a fundamental problem to fight: the sound reflected from the nearby boundary overlaps the direct sound, and depending on the wavelength of the emitted frequency inevitably to more or less pronounced cancellations and peaks – and just as General PrivatBank only leads to a steady gain in the bass and tone there could be constructive or through equalizer with corresponding attenuation in this area easily with the. Continue reading  

Speaker Piega AP 3

That in the Piega AP 3 for surprisingly little money (1600 euros the pair) top tweeter Potter, was listening to right off the bat.

  1. Speaker Piega AP 3
  2. Data sheet

Housing made of aluminium have thinner walls than those made of wood in General and achieve a more favourable ratio between gross and net volume, what is particularly noticeable on shallow models about the AP 3 by Piega from the Switzerland.

The approximately triangular cross section allows a multifunctional accommodation, where looks upright as across equally well. A convenient wall mounting serve u-shaped metal frame, allowing for a convenient orientation towards the listening position. Continue reading  

Speakers Dali IKON on-Wall

The test patterns of Dali IKON on-wall (800 euros the pair) was an unexpectedly powerful performance, which hardly was the sound of freestanding compact boxes in terms of sovereignty.

  1. Speakers Dali IKON on-wall
  2. Data sheet

Not all boxes manufacturers deliver pure-bred wall speakers, which from the outset are adapted to the requirements of Interfacial Middle accommodation in addition to compact and column formats.

In the Danish tradition of Dali, this would, for example, the icon on wall as well suited for pure stereo applications such as for multichannel with louder same boxes or as Rearspeaker in combination with larger front speakers of same series. Continue reading  

Speaker Thiel PowerPoint 1.2

The Thiel PowerPoint 1.2 (3200 euros the pair) impressed with an incredibly homogeneous, so don’t compromise-inducing sound embossing, the came therefore as well free of slag as unstrained.

  1. Speaker Thiel PowerPoint 1.2
  2. Data sheet

One which visually how technically comes from the Thiel, an American high-end boxing producer, the use of which enjoys the highest recognition for quality coaxial systems and time-saving crossover in circles most interesting solutions for the friends of speaker placement close to a wall. Continue reading  

Speaker Cable Kimber 12 TC

12 TC of to balanced, but still expressive play led the proliferation on 24 individual conductors at the Kimber.

  1. Speaker cable Kimber 12 TC
  2. Data sheet

The testers were excited to see how the increase in cross-section become apparent and whether the small difference of the isolator would be even comprehensible. The comparison was the 12 TC with the stereoplay highlight 8 TC all clear (12/07). It a family resemblance, but also subtly different sound orientations was found though. That impressed 8 TC all clear with usual lively, almost explosive directness, the 12 TC was approved, but also warmer and somewhat balanced. Continue reading  

Speaker Cable Kimber 12 TC All Clear

The Kimber 12 TC all clear (900 euros) awarded bass an even better shape than even the already outstanding in this regard Kimber 12 TC.

  1. Speaker cable Kimber 12 TC all clear
  2. Data sheet

When comparing the 8 TC was about the solo violin of the excellent tube recording of Vivaldi’s all clear “Four seasons” (“tacet’s four seasons”, Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, tacet 163-1) slightly more to the forefront and let more nuanced sound during the 12 TC it better tied up a notch in the Orchestra and put a deeper Foundation. So it was tie for these two below-the-line. Continue reading  

Amplifier Unison Unico Secondo

With the Unico secondo (2100 euros) offered by unison a new hybrid amplifier. He sounds more tube or transistor or for something completely different?

  1. Amplifier unison Unico secondo
  2. Data sheet

Even if unison so beautiful standard builds, the Italians know so that it takes less here and there fine sense driven to extremes than simply Schmacke. That’s why they offer 100 and 200 heavyweights which confirmed stereoplay black on white with the hybrid Unico, that they hardly run before force can (test 11 / 06 and 11 / 08, 4000, and 5000 Euro, both 56 sound points). Continue reading  

Blue-Ray Player Marantz BD 8002

Finally, the Blu-ray era begins with Marantz. stereoplay promising top model BD 8002 (2000 euros) was extensively under the magnifying glass.

  1. Blue-ray player Marantz BD 8002
  2. stereoplay – Blue-ray gauges
  3. Data sheet

Something always somehow depends on players by Marantz. Usually they sound very musical, and usually they have some trick in stock that makes they appear clever than some competitors. Continue reading  

Speaker of ASW Magadis

The large ASW Magadis (17000 EUR the pair) had the rare talent to magically pull their handsets at lightning speed captivated. These were neither millimeter precise back required, nor selected plates and certainly no hour-long adaptation.

  1. Speaker of ASW Magadis
  2. Data sheet

Whopping 90 kilograms, together with a rise of almost 1.60 meters, are an announcement hardly to be unsurpassed in clarity for boxes of joy. So it is clear what will be the Magadis the Vredener speaker specialist ASW never: A wellness product for the friends of wafting sphere sounds from discreet hideable mini Boexchen, where fear you need, that the family dog accidentally swallowed it when playing. Continue reading