Backpack for Man

The famous backpack for man

After long periods of vacation, it is now time to go back to school, back to school! Your child to have more motivation to join the college or high school, offer the necessary accessories needed.

The fabric backpack school man will certainly make him happy because he will have to wear one every day. It is the same for those going for the first time join the University after getting their degree.

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Trendy Tote Bag Pattern

Here’s what the tote bag of autumn winter 2015-2016 in: trends more fashionistas to models must have of the season, we discover together the most interesting proposals and interpretations the coolest spot on the catwalk and already available in-store.

Tote bag, which is the right compromise for those who need a large day bag but it’s not a shopper. A model you can wear under any circumstances and to take to the Office without any problem, with a volume that is able to accommodate folders and documents to take with you. Continue reading  

Sleep On Your Stomach During Pregnancy

In The Last Months Of Pregnancy, The Expectant Mother Finds Difficulties In Their Daily Chores And That Includes The Best Sleeping Position.

sleep face down on the woman is gravidezEnquanto with two, three, four and even five months of gestation, the fetus is still small and the belly, too, can be easy to sleep as you want, with any position does not affect nor pregnant and not to the baby, and as there is plenty of room for the baby inside, the positions are also indifferent. Continue reading  

What A Show! Vintage Lifestyle On The Godema

So you loved ones, here the promised last part to my great weekend with the dear Lechchen from the Vintage Flaneur and their event Vintage Lifestyle on the Godema. As I had already pointed out, there was a fashion show next to the vintage market, where I was allowed to participate as a model. Yeah, I’ll be a top model now! Well, now rather not but I had giant fun times a day to give the model. I was not only allowed to wear great clothes, but also to get to know much better women. It was with a special honor  Tinka Demand,  Melody D’Ambour and  Emily La Rose, three charming women, who were already known to me by their modelties already relevant. I could look at them and their elegance really a lot But also the wonderful women without chic artist names should not be neglected: love Susa, Magda, Tanja, Simone, Bettina and Maren, it was an honor with you all as if by the tarantula Stairs up and down, laughing at our own excitement and, of course, stopping running with hair spray. Rarely have I had so many inspiring women in a heap before me as on this fashion show! Continue reading  

Last Sunday Walk Before The New Coat

Well, how was your Valentine’s Day? With us it was really very nice. As we expected, it was a really cozy evening with the family. We have not done this for a long time and there has really been time for this. There were wonderful roses and tulips and a bunch of compliments for the food. It must be so. But the best surprise was already early Friday morning.

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Multi Nail Care 7 in 1 Pupa

Having sound and impeccable nails is one of the prerogatives of many women and find a product that only fulfills all the requirements it’s really hard. Especially those who are more lazy and did not want or did not have time to use more products from curative treatments, bases, enamels and top coat, often ends up neglecting her nails. Continue reading  

Makeup Color Marsala Star Look to Be Copied

Makeup color Marsala, here are the star look to copy absolutely for a summer full of beauty and glamour. Not only is the Pantone Institute, the American company and the world’s foremost authority colors, did climb to first place the nuances of color Marsala liqueur, but also celebrities show him in makeup as in clothes, wearing make-up and stunning look captive. Continue reading  

KauÊ Plus Plus Size Overcoat

Today has colorful plus size overalls to celebrate much comfort and joy! Do you remember that I had already used a plus size gardener from Kauê around here ? And, folks, it was crazy! They all went crazy – because, after all, it was beautiful – crazy to finally find a beautiful version for our size, there finished the stocks, more pieces arrived, they finished again … Anyway, crazy! But I know that it is not everyone who has already been able to get rid of the rules, completely disengage and show off the nails (one hour you get there!). So, I thought it cool to do a look with the plus size colorful jumpsuit for the summer. Continue reading  

Cover Dark Circles with Makeup, Here Are My Picks

Cover dark circles with makeup? Sure you can! It’s a problem that every woman should live: there will be times when they will be more or less obvious, but the only solution, in most cases, you keep it real with the make up. Here are the best tips from the makeup artist and the best products to cover dark circles. Continue reading  

Kim Kardashian Fashion Pregnancy

How does she do it? How does Kim make the world spin and spin, up and down, side by side and you get the gist, how does she do it? One of the famous infamous of the lot, and the most elegant of all, Kim Kardashian lives his life in his own will and mentality. With many fingers shown to the world, the glass curvaceous beauty never never lost a moment to make men faint about their appearance and women wishing to imitate it.

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How To Make Men’s Baseball Cap

Men’s baseball caps are a common accessory for men’s casual style look. This fashion trend began with official baseball uniforms but soon moved into the general population, fans began using them to show their support for their favorite teams. The fans also enjoyed the added benefit of sunscreen well and soon they were wearing them on other baseball fields than places.  Continue reading  

How To Reuse Your Pregnancy Delivery Clothes Post

Modern day pregnancy clothes are very elegant and chic as they allow pregnant women to feel elegant and beautiful while awaiting the birth of their child. But they are also quite exorbitant price, and once you`ve had your baby, they become practically useless to you, or so you think! There is, as a matter of fact, many creative and innovative ways to reuse your pregnancy clothing. Whoever says that this tunic can not be reworked or that superior you loved when you were waiting has to be dumped, there is absolutely no need for any of that.

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