How to Keep Your Leather Case As Good As Possible

A beautiful leather case is not only an optical highlight, but as a rule a quality product, which is characterized by durability. Once attached, one would like to have the beautiful companion for a long time at his side. However, environmental influences, stress caused by daily use as well as small breakdowns can affect the leather and therefore the appearance of the bag. In the following, you will learn how to take care of your leather case so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Continue reading  

Beads Splendour in the Middle Ages

Pomp has been becoming very popular with those who could -afford him, and thought to have to make the even. The bold – as Karl not especially contributed politically and personally with blessed luck – the Reichstag to Trier 1475 an encrusted garment that would be worth two million euros by today’s standards about.Generally, this seemed to be a year of splendor. The splendor of beads on festive occasions such as the “Landshut wedding” was indescribable. The involved families of George the rich and King Casimir of Poland was a veritable battle of the jewelry. Other Royal houses outdone himself with pearls of pearl jewelry. Since it is difficult to believe that the real heyday of Pearl art began in this country much earlier. Continue reading  

Original Vintage Diving

Teo Vilela Garcia next to rosewood bookcase of L’atelier (1960), which houses objects and works of appreciation: from the top, from left to right, Indonesia baskets, watch (1970) of the São Paulo metro, a 3-year-old, your photo to caviúna pins (1960), engraving by Hercules Barsotti and vase insert German (1930)
Vintage never was so valued in the design. Continue reading  

Nails in the Nails – Beautiful Nails, But How?

Beautiful, well-groomed fingernails are not self-evident. Often small grooves and stains are irritating us. But where do the bumps come from?

Regular nail cutting, nailing and creams is a normal treatment program for those who do not want to do without well-groomed fingernails.In spite of intensive care, however, there are always unsightly discolorations and grooves.We have investigated the causes: Continue reading  

Black and White Combination Fashion

We love the pastel shades, we do not know to give up colorful patterns, but also the black and white classics never cease to grow tired! Synonymous with elegance and simplicity, the black-white mix is one of the most refined combinations that you can show off and that’s why I like so much to both women and men. we do not know what to wear or have no desire to engage in the choice of our look? Opt for the ‘black and white combination can prove to be a winning choice. Continue reading  

Chanel Trends for Fall!

Where Karl Lagerfeld announces a new parade, the curiosity of the fashionistas go to the top! And the last was no different. At the very end of last year the CHANEL presented your collection Métiers d’art Pre-Fall 2014/15 and the instead of the parade was somewhat unusual:Dallas, Texas (USA). But you must be wondering: why Texas? That was exactly where in the years 50, in the post-war period, that Coco Chanel went back to the top of fashion on behalf of its clients multimillion-dollar Texian. In 1957, Chanel was received by the President of Neiman Marcus, an upscale department store chain, and awarded a prize for your contribution to the fashion universe! With the theme Paris-Dallas, the inspirations for the Fall 2014 could not be different: the world of cowboys and native Americans, with fringes (muiiitas fringes), chess, leather, jeans, knit, riding boots and hats. Yiiipppuuu … seguraaaaa peãooooo! kkkkkkk Continue reading  

Maxi Skirts and Midi Skirts for Winter

Do you want to be inside the fashion world? Want to know what’s going to be up next season? So, know that what promises to make great success among women are long skirts. For those who are always tuned in fashion must have seen in the parade of São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio that the new trend for winter are the long skirts, rather long even. Continue reading  

A Great Future for a Varied Bags – Autumn

So slowly we must resign ourselves probably, that the autumn arrives and somehow, again, Christmas is around the corner. The year passes and you somehow don’t really know where the time has gone. How nice that the designer but attune us with all sorts of new trends for the upcoming season and there really varied trends are visible, that meet every taste with security. Let’s start with the colors look. Continue reading  

The No! a Graduation

By Ana Sofia Mendoza | What with what

Approaching the season of graduations, and tod@s will already have in mind the outfit that make them feel like Star on red carpet, whether your role is stellar (bone the graduad @) or secondary (therapist @) I have the If but above all the not < /B12 > so aren’t in “the list of worst l@s vesti@s” which j. Lo in the Oscars or Beyonce in the Met gala. Continue reading