Boxers or Panties?

Lisa? With or without standards? Boxers or Splips? Righteous or wide? The possibilities are immense in terms of mens underwear. But opinions are far from consensual.

If a vote on the fair other abhor and want off. Patterns are out of the question for most. Will be? In fact we don’t know the answer, we live a very short time to stay just the basics. Continue reading  

The Answers to the Questions About Custom Jewelry

A piece of jewelry is always a right gift, isn’t it? Everyone likes. And makes it especially for an occasion (or anyone!) makes it even more special. But why make a custom jewel? How to choose the ideal gemstone? There are many questions about custom jewelry and that is why we show in this post, what are the answers to the most common questions on the subject. Check out! Continue reading  

Onepiece-Rompers For Fashion Victims

In the specialist press and in countless blogs, a bit more and more is emerging: OnePiece. Even a Justin Bieber, already has one and so it is not surprising that the “Rompers for Fashion Victims” is hotly debated. I am aware of the bodysuit from the times when I wore nappies, so I am astonished at all that Mr. Bieber is one of the first to get back there… Continue reading  

Skull Dresses 2018

Models and Pictures of Skull Dresses 2018

We are going to check out several models of the Skull Dresses 2018 that are in high fashion.It seems that the fashion caveirismo came even to stay, so much so that with each new season come even more models and even more clothes prints with this trend.But it is not only the clothes that have become stylish, but also the accessories, bags, shoes and more.Then the skull even invaded the trends of fashion, which ended up bringing even more news and more style to us as well. Continue reading  

Sexiness In Body Jewelry Chain: A New Style Statement You Should Try

body chains are not new, they’ve been around for a long time, however, it is only in the recent past, with the likes of Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities that robust attachment found your fame. Here’s a look at how to doll up and balance the body chain, fashion for any occasion and event, and throughout the year it too! And mind you, body chains are one of the more fashionable jewelry for the summer of 2015. Continue reading  

Today It’s Katha’s Birthday!

Know, if there is something to celebrate, then I’m in love! Nothing is more beautiful than to meet people who enjoy and want to have fun together. Not long ago, our herzallerliebste Katha invited to your virtual birthday brunch party! I have myself about the invitation been looking forward and how it is on each occasion, I began now to think about what I’ll probably wear… Continue reading  

Pirelli Calendar 2017 – Without Makeup, Without Retouching

Revolutionary, provocative, fashionable and intellectually. Each year the Pirelli is expected CAL called calendar, also the with much tension – and also this year there were interesting insights and pictures. The renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh was the idea that 2017 was the Pirelli Calendar, “conveys personality, sensitivity and the courage to be yourself” with the words. The 44th calendar is dedicated to a beauty that comes out without makeup and retouching. And Yes, it went to the be naked, but not the kind of being nude with the Pirelli Calendar has been so famous.  Continue reading  

Decorative Frames Give Life To The Environments

Not only the color of the ink to make a wall. You can highlight a corner of the House hanging decorative frames for environments.  A lot of people have the desire to decorate the room with art, but not always believes that the dream is possible for thinking that won’t fit in your pocket. Or, among so many options, you don’t know which drops better for home decoration. Continue reading  

In Wishlist: Orange Purse!

You know that feels good to  be able to buy something that I was wishing  for a long time? That piece you noticed all the looks that via, who has dated in virtual storefronts for several late nights? I decided to make a wishlist to organize my purchases in my next trip and so focus on the things that I really want. A list to try not to be frantic at first Forever 21 that I enter and toasting my money with pieces that will last little and won’t let me so pleased as well. And you know what the greatest wish of all? An orange bag. Continue reading  

Business Photos Tips Plus Size


ENN is the future of their own, professional, business and application photos are very important in my opinion. To use business photos for Web sites or business cards and application photos give a first impression of the candidate. A big question that it turned me, was: what should I wear just to so a shoot?
Therefore, I have compiled my application and business photos tips for you, peppered with the real photos of my business shoot. Continue reading  

Adidas Pants: 5 Ways to Use the Track Pants in Visual Male

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? 🙂 Friday inspiration here in male fashion? Yes, Yes, Yes, and with a different approach. Pulling the column reference 3 ways to use there of the Youtube Channel and bringing here pro Blog to inspire even more haha So let’s talk about 5 ways to Wear the Adidas men’s Pants? Hitching a ride on the wave of Athleisure, Track Pants are increasingly gaining space in our looks, so bora pro post to see all this in detail? GO \o Continue reading  

Long Dresses For Parties

Photos of New Long Party Dresses

Long Party Dresses are the most used pieces on this occasion, because it is more than tradition that these dresses are seen as elegant pieces, and that therefore they should be worn at parties, but that does not necessarily have to use them a long dress, ideally you would find a model that you really like.But if you like the longs know that fashion is always bringing more news and news to you, each model more perfect than the other and why it is worth to bet on them without fear. Continue reading  

Plus Size Model MAREN Kissing Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Maybe the fun-loving plus size model MAREN kissing looks familiar to you. This may have several reasons: you’ve seen it at VOX in the show “Down in the bed” or in a magazine or already read the first part of our interview with her. In the second part of the interview, you’ll learn great beauty secrets, how to recognize good style and much more. Continue reading  

Decorated Feet Nails – Models

Tips and Models for Decorated Feet

Even the Decorated Feet Nails are in fashion trends, so your feet look better and better cared for as well.Because one thing is a well-made toenail, and another thing is toenail, it makes a huge difference.That’s why you have to think hard before you leave with your feet without having done the nail, taking the cuticle and everything, because all these details make the difference too.Nowadays we have so many beautiful models to decorate our nails, see in more detail. Continue reading  

Bag Tips: Photos, Trends

If there is one thing that girls like too much are purses, backpacks etc. In this article we will showcase various models of backpacks, arm bags, phone cases and some tips for women’s purses. For the day to day, they are exceptionally indispensable. Plus, it’s a hand on the wheel for people who use it a lot for work, meetings, family fun, and more. Without further ado, stick to these hugely important tips on women’s purses. Continue reading