Led Vs Fluorescent Lamps: See Which Is Better

You ever been in doubt when buying lamps for your home? What would be the most appropriate? After the extinction of the light bulbs on the market, your place was taken by fluorescent darlings. Now a new technology emerges with LED lamps.

In this article we will teach you how to differentiate from one another, comparing the cost, durability, price and average lighting capacity. So you can choose which one meets your needs more. Continue reading  

Christmas Decorations: Christmas Tree Ornaments

Just buy Christmas tree ornaments was yesterday, today is a “do it yourself”. With our tips, your tree will steal the show style and every other Christmas tree!

What colors, what bullets, what style? When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree , good advice is expensive — actually. Fem.com there the tips as always free and this time they come by Deco expert Yvonne Bauer: “I find it the most, when combined with homemade ornaments purchased balls.” This, she have decorated many small, white Pompomkugeln and small birds with ceramic balls, writes the blogger in her new book “Christmas with Miss small”.
To succeed in the ceramic balls and other homemade Christmas tree Ornaments: Continue reading  

Check Out 5 Kitchen Lighting Tips!

Well-made lighting in a home can generate comfort and a cozy climate.- even in the kitchen!This space needs adequate light so you can prepare your favorite dishes in a more pleasant and precise way.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on kitchen lighting tips.Want some recommendations?Follow this text and know 5 ways to improve lighting in this environment! Continue reading  

Decoration Phrases: See How to Use

Everyone has a bad day does not it? That day that does not feel like getting out of bed, going to work or going on a date. However, there is a very cute and fun way to give an injection of courage and courage in those moments. Are you curious? The ZAP Home tells you: abuse the effect phrases in the decoration of your home sweet home! Continue reading  

Picture of Flowers Special Mother’s Day

Gets the day of the mother, a festive day in the calendar, and come to my memory the most beautiful thoughts and memories of my childhood, as he did the craft to this day, so special at the College, although I must confess a little secret: “was never very good at crafts” lol, and as managed them me, to keep it at home, while my mother not see him, but it took so many par discomfort anything since at the end always delivering it has, before the day… pure innocence girl. For this special day, I wanted to do something striking and as mothers they are flowers more beautiful in the world, I wanted to use roses for this purpose and as always I like to reuse other objects I wanted to enter it, this ugly and old-fashioned picture frame for and as always in my line is low cost (low cost) so I leave the tutorial so that you can do your selves. I leave you with the step by step. Continue reading  

Choose Bedroom Carpet

The carpet in the bedroom is required to perform particular functions than the other rooms of the house. A chamber carpet is a complement to which the landlord does not make much appeal to protect the floor, as in this room do not routinely seek products that can cause damage.

A chamber carpet is, rather, the perfect ally in the enterprise to customize and make unique its most intimate room.

In the bedside version, the chamber carpet plays, and aesthetic value, also the important function of accompanying the landlord as he gets up from the bed and is preparing to start the day out of bed assuring a soft impact, heat, comfortable with the floor.

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Decoration – Various Uses for rhe Cobogó

“Cobogó is the other element name or leaked brick. Its name comes from the initials of the surnames of three engineers: Amadeu Oliveira Coimbra, Ernest August Boeckmann and Antônio de Góis who registered the patent and the name in 1929. The cobogó is a Pernambuco invention. “(I took it from here). Continue reading  

A Different Touch in the Room

When it starts to seem that all the rooms are very “equal” it is time to look for those projects that have a touch, sometimes a detail, that makes us realize that there are always ways to get out of the common place.

Niches inlaid and lit on the wall, a space to “play” in that kind of winter garden…but did you notice the “camouflaged” rug? A very interesting effect. Continue reading  

Design Wallpapers Rediscovered: Completely of the Roll

Who Says Wallpapers Belong To Walls? Finally, You Can Also Get A New Outfit With The Colorful Railways And Furniture And Lamps.

Thin sand coatings, metal luster or unusual 3-D effects- with such and other creative refinements, designers are increasingly fond of wallpaper. If you do not want to dare to go straight to whole walls, you can also use the chic roles of your home. fem.com reveals how. Continue reading  

Accomplishments in Decoration

We often see pictures of beautiful, huge and sophisticated environments in magazines and on the Internet and we think there is nothing we can take advantage of. At other times we find them so different from our taste that, after a quick look, we discard them. And still others, we do not pay attention to photos, at first, “silly”…. Continue reading  

Choose an Original Clock as a Gift

The choice of a gift has become a headache for everyone. It is difficult to know whether or not he’ll like. Then, you will spend a lot of time to think and to find the best possible gift. To help you find the right choice, offer an original clock or an original revival is strongly recommended, because you can find the clock which is perfect for the person regardless of his personality. Besides, the original clock and the original awakening have several unique forms to ensure the desired effect. Continue reading  

Who Is It for?

The flashlight is a tool for anyone wishing to take a light source with it, whether at home, in nature or at his place of work.
It is an object of daily use which proves its practicality in many circumstances and can be a great help in a situation of distress or danger, it is accessible to all.
These objects are over-the-counter. Continue reading