More Sports, More Winter. Wintersports Insurance Arrives

Ski Plus evolves to Wintersports, the most complete insurance for winter sports.

Inter- world sports insurance designed for those who practice winter sports: Wintersports . An insurance that not only covers the practice of skiing and snowboarding, but also covers other sports such as ice climbing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog shooting and cross-country skiing, among many more. Continue reading  

Camping with Tent or Network?

Which is better: hammock or tent?

This article compares the use of hammocks and tents for camping and also discusses the characteristics of some models of tents for individual use: Fit Mini Pack, Cheetah Everest and trails and Paths Bivak 1; also discusses the network models with mosquito net: Kampa, Cheetah Amazon and Brazil Military Camp Type i. while reading you will find links to videos with detailed reviews of each equipment. Continue reading  

What Mat Is That I Need?

What should we keep in mind when choosing mat?

Many questions arise when we don’t know what kind of Mat will be the most appropriate. What we must have in mind?, is it important to have a certain thickness?… The choice of the mat will depend on the type of exercise you are going to perform, practice, or if will carry out such exercises with trainers, barefoot, with non-slip socks… Continue reading  

5 Benefits Of Bottles Multi-Purpose And Ecological Nalgene

The Reusable Nalgene Bottles

In Nalgene we are committed to a healthy lifestyle in every way. We like to go outdoors, enjoy the nice weather, but also take care of us on the inside, keep us hydrated to give our best every day. Our water bottles have many features, but probably the most notable is that they are reusable. Continue reading  

Buy a Backpack?

How to buy a backpack? That’s a question that at some point everyone we passed through the head. A while ago wrote an entry on the characteristics that have the backpack which are usually used for leave travel. But once you know everything you have the backpack, we see that it is what we need for the trips that we move to make, because beyond that surely buy it for a trip in particular are not going to enter that expense to travel only once. Apart once you make a trip before already you’re thinking where are you going to go the next time. Continue reading  

Sunglasses with MP3 Player

Following the wake of Oakley and his glasses to play music, Caiyuan has presented its sunglasses with MP3, available in 5 formats: 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB.

Supported formats MP3, WMA and ADCPM, with a the battery life of up to 8 hours with a 2-hour recharge time. The songs are loaded via the USB connector that incorporates and, moreover, allows voice thanks to the built-in microphone recording. Continue reading  

Future Bike Lights

Lights for bicycle of the future

Visibility is one of the major concerns of the rider in it comes to security. A good equipment and good for bike lights will make you more visible to other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, and also to improve your visibility. But let’s not kid ourselves. Aesthetics and modernity also concern us, so we have compiled more modern for bike lights and cool that we have found in various parts of the world. I anticipate what will be trend in a few years in this area, from bicycle led lights, up lights for bicycle mountain, city, etc.

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Maintenance of Sleeping Bag

Many people bring their sleeping bags to dry cleaners for a thorough cleaning. Extreme solution although effective, has several points to consider: detergents weaken backing and filling; They are sometimes subjected to washes with very high temperatures, which also affects materials (high temperature + humidity). Positive point: the dry cleaning you will deliver perfectly clean and dry. If you have decided for a dry cleaner, requests the most elemental and primitive service offering for the covers: nothing special, softening washes with extraordinary scents or tissues unless your bag tag as well so requests. Continue reading  

How To Choose My Sports Bra

In the XXI century, having a good physical appearance has become a true obsession for many people, who seek in sports the best ally to get it.

And, while receiving a favorable image from the other side of the mirror is always good for our self-esteem, physical exercise in much more than that. Practicing a regular sports routine is also beneficial for our health: we exercise the heart and lungs, improve our circulation, strengthen muscles and even release the stress of daily life. However, training without some precautions can also lead to problems. For women, for example, it is essential to choose a good sports bra to avoid injuries such as breaking Cooper’s ligaments, which hold the breast, or serious back injuries . Therefore, from the outset we help you choose the bra that best suits your anatomy.

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How Do I Fold My Tent?

If you buy a tent, you probably immediately think about the removal. They are impressed by the tent and also by the many possibilities offered by the tent. All in all, the anticipation of the holiday there already. But after the holidays or after the season the tent to be packed up again. Although not the most pleasant task, but it should be done really so many years have fun with the tent. Like, we explain how you fold up the tent in 5 steps in a good way.

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Extend The Life Of Your Camping Equipment

The camping season 2014 is the majority of people passing by. You are back at work, the kids to school. The days are shorter and colder. Now is the time because when you leave the pitch of the season, the camping equipment to clean and store. In this blog, we will give you some recommendations on how you store your camping gear in the right way and clean.

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Best Trout Fishing Lures

Fishing lures

Equipment for trout fishing lures.

It is a reality, anything is possible in theory but with the experience, we quickly understand that the choice is among other things by size, weight, swimming lures but also defined by the width of the watercourse and the climate. The most glaring example is that of the ultra light, if we are with a relative cold (0 ° C) and with a nylon 12 hundredths (what is the diameter of the reference in the UL), we bet in less than a half day, after several cases of the wire, it’s sugarcane which eventually break up because of the cold! So do not error, start the season at least with a 2-7 g when the weather otherwise opt instead for a 3-12g / 5-15g (like Shigeki and Instinct Trout Lure/Spin Label of Pezon). The reel garnished with a good 16/18/20 or 22/25 hundredths (fluo) visible according to the size of the fish and the size of the River will be our choice of departure. The braid is here unnecessary if it freezes because it becomes brittle in such conditions. For lures, a box minimum with 4 fish swimmers jerkbait of 5cm / 7cm at the gleaming flanks (blue for cold water, green when they are ‘hot’ Minnow to the natural side and fire tiger for tinted water) and 4 types of spoon No. 1 to 3 according to the depth of the medium (red, blue, silver or copper points, flashies). Continue reading  

What Is The Best Sleeping Bag For Me?

There are sleeping bags in many different shapes, sizes and colors. But how do you choose the best model from the vast offer? What is the best sleeping bag for you? It makes quite a difference whether you need a sleeping bag for a lodging or that you are looking for a sleeping bag for winter camping.

In what situation do you use a sleeping bag?

The starting point is always that of the sleeping bag, when and where you use it, is warm enough and comfortable. Unfortunately, there are (still) No sleeping bag, the both at + 35 ° C-15 ° C is perfect. Ask yourself before buying a sleeping bag, when you use the sleeping bag. Only in the summer or even in colder months? In a tent or in the House when you have guests? There are two sleeping bag models: a ceiling sleeping bag and a mummy sleeping bag.

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Which Tent Is Right For Me?

You go for the first time with the caravan holiday. You have already bought the caravan, but would you also like to a tent. Or are perhaps for many years with the trailer on the road and this will now finally replaced? Both situations are a good reason to buy a new Caravan. But how to choose from now the awning from the wide range of materials, depth, colors and brands, that suits you best? We help you jog your memory, so that you see the forest for the trees again.

A good selection from this great range of awnings meet, is the most important question: “How would you camp?” Take three or four weeks on vacation once a year? Do you prefer a fixed pitch on which during the entire camping season or maybe all year leaving your tent? Or you go away more often for a few days, but then just to various campsites? There is a suitable awning for every tent way. Of course even at Obelink.

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