Kids and Technology: the Jokes Are Not as Before

I am of the last century. Yes, I was born in the 20TH century, in the remote prehistoric period of the internet. At that time, a children’s toy was a ball, doll and stroller, not laptop, tablet and phone. We played hide and seek, tag and playing dodgeball instead of bothering to post selfie on social networks. The technology was the big thing, and the kids would like to spend a few minutes in front of the television, playing with friends and cycling was a lot more fun. I can say that I was much happier and that we were a child. Continue reading  

The Importance of Fantasy and Make – Believe in Childhood

Play House, doll, stroller, Playhouse, puppet. All this was part of our childhood and part of childhood for our kids. The make-believe is a time of imagination and fun. Brings the child maturing social, emotional, physical and intellectual. From the two years she enters this world to represent the environment into which it is inserted and starts to put through play. Continue reading  

Baby Reborn: What Is It? Tips, Prices, Where to Buy!

What is reborn baby ? If this is a question you are asking because you heard your daughter or niece wanting something like that, calm down. You are not misinformed simply because you do not know the term, after all the changes are constant and you may have seen something similar, but did not know the name given to it. If you want to take all your doubts to stay inside this new fashion that is conquering children and adults, let’s go to the post! Continue reading  

13 Gift Tips that Kids Will Love!

We are almost in October, and whoever has a dear child at home already begins to wonder what to give as a gift for the pimps. There are many ideas, toys, drawings that they like … That’s why we here at MC S / A have prepared a list with super cool gift ideas for children’s day. Continue reading  

Portuguese Create Toys Adapted For Children

Employees of the Portuguese company based in Coimbra Critical Software have adapted toys for children with cerebral palsy in a volunteer project that still involved the creation of new software that facilitates communication.

On Wednesday, some of the children in the kindergarten of the Association of Cerebral Palsy of Coimbra (APCC) move to the premises of the technology-based company to meet the engineers who since November have adapted about 20 toys that are now delivered To the institution. Continue reading  

Diy: How To Build Gifts Along With The Small

Who doesn’t like to make a present? Often, hotter even than win that desired souvenir, is to be able to present a very dear person. For children this experience is no different. Of course they like to make their gifts on the dates of the year, but also feel quite satisfied to offer to your loved ones a gift chosen by them. Continue reading  

The 5 Coolest Creative Toys for Your Kids

The game is much more than a way that the child is to have fun and spend time. Play is, first of all, repeat the reality of a simpler way, in order to prepare for future situations.

Thus, every toy is educational. But some of them, by stimulating problem solving and creating stories, will cause your son to see the world through other angles, stimulating creativity—without cease to be a lot of fun! Want to know what are these educational toys and creative? Continue reading our post and check out:

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Go Back to Being a Kid, Toys are Back Then

If you were born in the Decade of 70 or 80 are watching several of your favorite toys to be sold, right? Here I am at home I have my favorites and Dani theirs, usually I like he says he didn’t like, but it’s really cool to play with Luisa and Pepe with games that I just loved when I was a kid.

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The Right Toy for Every Age

0 To 2 Years Old

Stimulating the senses

During the first few years it is important to ensure that the baby can make his or her toy as they please.Same. To take to the mouth, to let roll or to throw the object on the ground, is part. The important thing is to experience, whether through touch, hearing, gaze, taste or smell.

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How to Balance RC Helicopter

Learn how to control RC (remote control) helicopters poses the biggest challenge for beginners. Because the radio controls to operate a RC helicopter are virtually identical to those used to control a real helicopter, a lot of practice is necessary to learn to properly balance RC helicopters when hovering. Things you will need helicopter RC control unit See Instructions  Continue reading  

Tips on Online Shopping

More and more shops, realise the Web’s many benefits and decide to start a webshop in-house. Although there is still a lot to be desired in this area, it ever new and promising positive signs. Here are three pieces with totally different styles. Continue reading  

What is Retro

Retro. How many times we heard that word that so many mouths filled and we are left with the desire to know what means exactly. As well, we will try meet all uses and meanings which we can meet it.

We start at the beginning. It is best to know the origin of the word, its etymology, i.e., how it has been incorporated into our language and what sources did. Continue reading