How Harmful Is the Pill after That?

Not a few women had to get the pill after that, as sexual intercourse did not prevent it. But how damaging is the pill really?

Contraceptives may easily fail. Sometimes the condom is torn, the pill has been forgotten or the diaphragm has slipped. Even with such a preventive breakdown, it is still possible with the pill to prevent possible pregnancy. The pill after that is in Germany prescription and can therefore only be obtained by a doctor. However, many do not think that the pill is an absolute emergency medication and is not suitable for continuous use, since the side effects are often very significant. Thus, the pill is not an alternative to other contraceptives, since the safety after frequent ingestion also decreases. Continue reading  

Urinary Tract Infection In Pregnancy

Causes and Treatments for Urinary Tract Infection in Pregnancy

Urinary Tract Infection in Pregnancy can occur a lot, although it is neither normal nor interesting, so when this happens it is necessary for the woman to seek a doctor as soon as possible, just so that she can get a proper treatment, but today you will be able to check how you can avoid it and also what the symptoms are, because when it does occur you already know what it is about to go. Continue reading  

Pregnancy Psychology – Symptoms, Treatment

What are the symptoms and the best psychological pregnancy treatment

Psychological pregnancy, also known as pseudogestation, is a type of emotive disorder that simulates a real pregnancy. Pregnancy can happen from the psychological point of view when the woman fears becoming pregnant or has a strong desire to have a child. Continue reading  

My Dog Is Eating Too Much?




POLYPHAGIA or OVEREATING is an excessive hunger, and consequent excessive intake of solid foods (cooked food or feed). Continue reading  

How to Use Watch, Jewelry and Other Accessories for Men

Clock is also synonymous with fashion for men. Even with the convenience of looking at the hours on the phone, no need to abandon the Accessories for men and women or use it less frequently. Choose the right model for every occasion and, especially, what else you can help enhance your style, besides being a perfect item to brighten up with men’s jewelry .

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Oris Big Crown ProPilot Calibre 111

The new big Crown ProPilot calibre 111, Oris will be available in November 2015.

It is the most famous Watch series from the House of Oris: the big Crown ProPilot. The functional watches are traditionally connected with the history of the watch manufacturer. This June the brand launched the new Crown ProPilot calibre 111, marked an important milestone in the history of brands by Oris (with an own movement caliber) big… Continue reading  

Retro Bikinis: Templates, Tips

Even with the fame of the small Brazilian bikini, many national brands are betting on larger models for summer 2013. This new trend has become a preference among the celebrities that appear by using the retro bikinis. Learn more about the retro bikinis and check out tips for models that promise to leave the beach look even more beautiful.

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Colored Gems for Engagement Rings

Did you know that most gems have variations in various colors?Jewels with colored gems have for centuries been greatly appreciated by royal families.Impossible to talk about colored gems, royal family, and not remember the engagement ring of Princess Kate Middleton that belonged to Princess Diana.Lately, colored stones have won the hearts of women and been desired and much appreciated in the engagement ring (pink diamond and pink sapphire are one of the most requested stones for brides living abroad).The advantage of buying an engagement ring with a colored gem, is that usually, the jewels with these stones are far more in account $$ than the diamond engagement rings.

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6 Beautiful Bags That Give an Up in the Look

For each bag, an occasion: meet the models that will make you take every moment of your day.

They say that women carry the world inside the bag. Exaggeration? Can be the fact is that this accessory has become so essential in the everyday female, regardless of style and of the occasion, it is virtually impossible to leave home without it.

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How to Make Homemade Bicycle Lights

The bike lights are very important for safety reasons, both for you and for those around you. When night falls the only way, or at least the best, to know that there is a person and their location. In this article from a, we show you how to make bicycle home lights so that they can be installed by you.

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Learn How to Match Clothes and Handbags

The handbags and shoes are the Accessories women’s darlings. Join the a style to convey your personality is not always an easy task, and it is necessary to know match too.

Combine clothes and handbags are the new craze of the fashionistas on duty, and a mistake to think that, to combine, it is necessary to have the same color or the same pattern.

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Corinthians Roller Backpack, Prices, Where to Buy

Corinthians Wheel Backpack, Prices, Where To Buy

When classes begin, buying school supplies is essential, and parents make that stifling run in the search for good prices and promotions behind the necessary supplies. But purchases are not always compensatory, that tumultuous stationery shop, a lot of people rushing to buy school supplies with promotions and good prices is very tiring.

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