6 Beautiful Bags That Give an Up in the Look

For each bag, an occasion: meet the models that will make you take every moment of your day.

They say that women carry the world inside the bag. Exaggeration? Can be the fact is that this accessory has become so essential in the everyday female, regardless of style and of the occasion, it is virtually impossible to leave home without it.

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Learn How to Match Clothes and Handbags

The handbags and shoes are the Accessories women’s darlings. Join the a style to convey your personality is not always an easy task, and it is necessary to know match too.

Combine clothes and handbags are the new craze of the fashionistas on duty, and a mistake to think that, to combine, it is necessary to have the same color or the same pattern.

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A Reseller of Virtual Fashion Underwear

If you are looking for a extra income or even a change in your professional life is possible I’ve ever come across various career options or business. But have you ever thought about becoming a reseller of underwear? With the Virtual Fashion it is possible and you only gain, ensuring your success and personal growth. So, meet seven reasons to be a reseller of Virtual Fashion underwear.

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How to Use White Shirt in Different Ways

The white shirt is a classic in every woman’s closet. Originally it was a male piece and it was Coco Chanel who decided to get hold of this garment and introduce to the female wardrobe. She is a classic item, chic, timeless and goes well with everything and in any situation. It’s one of those key piece that is worth the investment. But if you don’t see another way to use in addition to combine with a black pants, check our tips and ideas of looks with white shirt, for those days we wake up with “inspiration fashion”.

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Swimsuits and Bikinis for Pregnant Women

To start the week, what about tips? We love right? lol…

See what the Swimsuits and bikinis more indicated for pregnant women.

For you to enjoy the days of warmth and display your beautiful belly of pregnant out there you have to choose swimsuits and bikinis comfortable, without losing the style.

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How to Make Bracelets

Looking for extra income? How about making bracelets? Learn how!

The accessories are essential to mount the female looks. Any basic composition can make a distinctive tone with choosing a good accessory, such as necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. The bracelets are among the most beloved by women and accessories can be found with a great variety, which lets you choose a suitable model for every occasion. Continue reading  

Why Put LED Bulbs in My Company

It is a shop, Office or large company, fulfills a very important role. When a space doesn’t have enough light or is there too much clarity, the work being done may be hindered or even ward off potential customers. To put LED bulbs in these locations, both employee productivity as the desire of the public for visiting your store or company increases because it creates a more attractive and inspiring environment. Continue reading  

Nail Art: Nail Sponged Effect


Nail art, or the art of decorate the nails, is a craze that has blossomed especially in recent years, an original and fun way to decorate their nails that are always on top and is, therefore, important to make it special for each occasion. In this guide I will explain step by step how to create a nail art with effect sponged. It is very simple and does not need to go to the beautician because with a little patience is able to make anyone! Furthermore, for the realization of this technique, it is necessary a sponge. There are specially created kits, but if you want to save it, or you do not have because it is a make up last minute, then it will go well even that classic that is used for the shower (trim them off just a couple of small pieces). Here is a simple guide on Nail Art: Nail Sponged Effect

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Step-by-Step Guide to the Carnival!

The Carnival is here! And the biggest popular party Brazil combines with great brightness and asks some characterization. The ancient street blocks are back to attract the public in BH and you can’t show up for the revelry without a production. Have two productions super prepared and full of creativity, but now we’re going to bring two other ideas, after all, inspiration never hurts, right?

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The Best Burgundy Lipsticks

Strolling through the Into The Gloss, my favorite beauty blog, I ended up stumbling upon a matter that super cool was the relationship between the colors of the grapes, wines and wine-colored lipsticks! Interesting when you consider that while taking a little wine, the lips are soon spotted, giving that color means “lipstain” in the mouth that can range from a dark to a Rosemary-lime burgundy super intense, almost black.

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Techniques and Equipment for the Fishing of the Sabalo

It is a robust fish, of little aerodynamic lines, rounded and little stylized. Its head is small in relation to the size of the body. Seen from profile results almost oval. His body takes on a dark gray coloration on the back clarifying towards the flanks where it becomes almost silvery, it has large bright scales. Young people have dark vertical bands and mottled fins. It travels forming schools of hundreds of copies. Continue reading  

Shoes Silver Metallic: Brands, Models, Photos and Everything

Is it linked in the new trend that is pumping on the catwalks, streets, social networks and in the style of many girls? It is silver metallic shoes, a bold and different trend that only grows every day. That’s why we made this post so you know more about this novelty, know the models and tips to use and renew your look. Follow us!

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Check out Tips and Your Bracelet Care

Since last year, access to the Planet Atlantis occurs only through a RFID bracelet, with radio-frequency identification-no more paper ticket. With that, it takes a lot of care to avoid damaging the material and do not remove the wrist, otherwise, the Planetarium may end up being prevented from entering the festival. Continue reading  

Cirus 2 Tent Naturehike Rating

On our last trip to the State of Santa Catarina, we had the opportunity to know the Cirus 2 tent model, from the Chinese brand NatureHike. Our friend Helô gave up her tent for our first evaluation.

Let’s show here in this brief text, what were our first impressions of this model.

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Retro Hats, Tips on How and What to Use

They have everything!! Currently the hats are beautifully making the head of women – and men – connected in sets. If you like hats and is a woman bold and tasteful, include this accessory in the retro look is a guarantee of success. In many cases, the Hat makes the look so distinguished that the woman WINS featured getting beautiful and charming, all because of a hat! In addition to fundamental piece for those who enjoy the style retro and vintage style.

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