Chanel Trends for Fall!

Where Karl Lagerfeld announces a new parade, the curiosity of the fashionistas go to the top! And the last was no different. At the very end of last year the CHANEL presented your collection Métiers d’art Pre-Fall 2014/15 and the instead of the parade was somewhat unusual:Dallas, Texas (USA). But you must be wondering: why Texas? That was exactly where in the years 50, in the post-war period, that Coco Chanel went back to the top of fashion on behalf of its clients multimillion-dollar Texian. In 1957, Chanel was received by the President of Neiman Marcus, an upscale department store chain, and awarded a prize for your contribution to the fashion universe! With the theme Paris-Dallas, the inspirations for the Fall 2014 could not be different: the world of cowboys and native Americans, with fringes (muiiitas fringes), chess, leather, jeans, knit, riding boots and hats. Yiiipppuuu … seguraaaaa peãooooo! kkkkkkk
For those who don’t know, the Métiers d’art collection is always presented in December and begins to hit stores in late may (in Brazil, at the beginning of August), as a Pre-Fall, term used to define the collection of Demi-season between autumn-winter. She extols the work of the workshops of craft labor that CHANEL Centennial began to acquire in 2001, so that your expertise does not disappear with the death of the owners. Today there are 11 workshops: Lesage, of embroidery; the Desrues, jewelry and buttons; the Lemarie, feathers; the Guillet, fabric flowers; the Michel, head accessory; the Massaro, shoes; the Gossens, jewelry and silverware; the Montex, crochet embroidery; the Causse, gloves; Barrie, tricôs and cashmeres and, more recently, the Bodin-Joyeux, leather. Cool, neh?
See below the trends that the CHANEL prepared for Fall 2014!
The years 1950 were the reference to Karl Lagerfeld for the new collection, which translated the old West and absorbed all the stereotypes attributed to the region: the cowboys; the ponchos of ranchers; the color of the Comanche; the striped blankets; the coats with fringes; feathers and beads; the boots; the white ruffled; the cowboy hats; the holsters that instead of the perfume bottles housed revolvers Channel No. 5; the jackets; and many details. The richness of the treatment was generous with the denim, especially for women. The tweed in earthy tone was combined with a kind of Twill pants women’s dusty dry. In dark denim dresses with ruffled white overlay, and combined the large bracelets made of the same material took the elegance of the brand. Were also on the catwalk the typical excesses of Texas, represented by the jacket in denim, respingada of foil (not Golden, gold dust!), with metallic braid shoulders, seized by short fringes, and worn with trousers whose surface resembled scales, patiently sewn in horizontal lines. The same work was repeated in the jacket with piping in contrast.
Hats, gloves, ruffles, metal accessories and details, and a lot of fringes. The stars of Sheriff appear at various times, the look of the day-to-day the party dress. The suit has a longer skirt and is used with boots, the nylons mimics the classical format cowntry boot full of decorations, pearls are everywhere, the leather jumper is voiced with metallic tweed, for neck scarves, Capes and ponchos with ethnic patterns, denim dresses with Ruffles, jeans with Silver metallic paint, embroidery in finishes or with motifs of stars and flowers adorning the clothes. Aged leather jackets with lining of mutton are sometimes top full of maxicolares; at the bottom, pants boyfriend. The hemlines have fringe of frayed tweed. The jeans come in total clear wash looks, almost blue celeste. At the party, embroidered dresses on transparencies with sequins metallic red and silver of the maison Lesage; Golden and silver fringes coming out of gloves, sleeves, collars and bars. An exceptional and long black velvet tall is dotted by golden stars. There are scarves in profusion, some until you saw the dress itself.
Check the flashes of the parade.
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