Channel Fishing Carp

The CARP fishing on the channel is often associated with difficulties. The angler has a huge area of water to the Canal fishing available. Then still unusual flow conditions are added. How do you find the carp in the canals best? The long canal with…
Stone or sheet pile walls attached to run often monotonous over many kilometers away. The CARP often wander over several kilometres in the channel and look for food.

But CARP prefer places in the channel where they stay for more. The Bartel carriers stay like at locks, because of the good food. The ships that travel into the lock pool, whirl much mud with diverse food organisms through the braking and Acceleration maneuvers. Also below the sluices this effect is heightened and the canal water with oxygen is enriched with lowering of the bubbling locks water level. These are decisive criteria that is there worth the channel fishing for carp.
There are also good carp places with good food supply for fish on bridges. On the wood and iron pillars algae settle in the summer months, which likes to take carps to the saturation. Still, turning basin, and ports in the channels are good fishing spots. Through turning manoeuvres by ships, the substrate is stirred up by the Undertow of the propellers. CARP suspects swims channel fishing are also warm cooling water discharges of power plants, where you can fish carps in November and December.
Pike fishing in the Canal
Apital fish in the Canal to be fed to Who would like to catch big fish in the Businesscarriers, must feed on regularly. The most common prey fish are carp, tench, Roach and bream. Feeding should be done of course not just in a port, because there, the fishing area is very quickly occupied by other Trnava. Except for coarse fish also eels, perch, Pike and Pike-perch occur in the channel, you can successfully exploiting even when night fishing.
Where can you find good fishing spots to the pike fishing in the monotonous channels?
Bridges, weirs, sheet pile walls or tributaries are the prospects to get good Pike on the hook.Bridges provide more shade in the summer and in the winter there are many species of fish are protected from cold. Enemas are always hotspots, because there is oxygen and food in the channel.