Check Out 5 Kitchen Lighting Tips!

Well-made lighting in a home can generate comfort and a cozy climate.- even in the kitchen!This space needs adequate light so you can prepare your favorite dishes in a more pleasant and precise way.
Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on kitchen lighting tips.Want some recommendations?Follow this text and know 5 ways to improve lighting in this environment!

1. Points of light in air lockers

Who owns aerial cabinets usually goes through difficulties related to lighting when the focus is in the center of the kitchen.This is because this type of central lighting creates shadows, hindering the visualization to make cuts and the washing of foods.
The solution is to distribute the points of light – which can be done by means of LED lights embedded in cabinets.They do not tire the eye and provide the necessary lighting for the food preparation process.

2. Use pendants on kitchen island

You know that kitchen island?It will be necessary to illuminate it better!One way to do this is by installing pendants on it – but not anyone.The luminaires should be commensurate with the size of the kitchen – meaning no giant luminaires in a small kitchen.
It is also interesting to have more than one lamp, since with only one it is possible that there are shadows.Choose multiple luminaires of the same size that combine while lighting together.

3. Light rails

Want to make perfect lighting in your kitchen and still give a different style to it?So you should install light rails.They are attached to the kitchen ceiling and are extremely functional.
Each light point of the rail can be directed to wherever you want.For example: you can install on the rail LED spots that make the lighting of the dining counter and others that light up on the sink – all very practical and functional!

4. Recessed ceiling light

You must already be very uncomfortable with that central kitchen light that shades more than it actually illuminates.To escape from this and find adequate general light, the tip is to install a lighting built into the ceiling.
This lighting can be done with LED Ceiling Lamps strategically positioned.The effect generated is a highly valued environment in its details.

5. Spotlight on decoration

After this hint of lighting, the decorative elements of your kitchen will not be the same: with the installation of LED tapes on the bottom of shelves and cabinets, it is possible to highlight the details of the decoration, valuing your home even more.
These were some lighting tips from Bestcraftblog for kitchen cooking.It is important to remember that in relation to the rest of the house, it is essential not to make the classic mistakes in this regard .Choosing the wrong color temperature for the environment and placing hanging luminaires in walkways or open spaces are flaws that should be avoided.
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