Checklist: 10 Accessories For Bathing Fun with Chic

Summer, Sun, bathing, relaxing… A happy thought, isn’t it? But are you ready for this? And I don’t mean, whether you could well use a few leisure hours. No, I’m asking you because I know that the first summer, beach or bathroom hours always too early come – before I really prepared from personal experience. Because if you spend really relaxing hours bathing or Sun and thereby “tres chic” be, requires a little planning.
Also, in my opinion, more is less. With a few, but high-quality accessories just a much better figure on the beach, in the swimming pool or at the Lake! My personal check list of the 10 most important accessories for a chic bathing pleasure is only a suggestion for you that you can customize according to your wishes and needs. Sun enjoy it!

The preparation for a relaxed but stylish summer: the right accessories

Good things take time – especially when it comes to the right accessories for Sun, summer and bathing fun. Already a few weeks before the season starts, it is advisable to check whether you have all important accessories, such as shoes, bags, and bath towel, a bath enjoy untroubled in the time-honored form. These stylish bathing and summer accessories include for me:

1 beach bag

This accessories is an important generator of style. The bath or beach bag* accompanied not only on the way to the blissful wet, but maybe also before or after that in many ways – for example, in the beach bar or in the ice café. At your optimum choice depends on it, the bag is exposed which loads. A beach vacation can wear pretty as a bag with lots of sand and sunscreen.
A bast bag is simple and permeable to air, a Canvastasche washable and waterproof, a leather bag luxurious, but more sensitive.
Also, you should consider whether and how well the bag can be close. It is important to consider what pockets you need to store small parts or sensitive equipment better.

2. Beautybags and bikini bag

Even if your bag has great inner pockets, you’ll need probably two more small plastic bags: a Beautybag and a bikini bags. In the Beautybag* you can practically store your cosmetic utensils – and in the case of cases very quickly from one into the other Pocket sort to them. In Bikini bagwaterproof * keep your wet bathing costume. You’re prepared for everything, and the inner workings of your beach bag remains clean and dry.

3. bath towel

A stylish towel* is half the battle when it comes to make a good impression while bathing. No matter where you put your towel – on the sun lounger, on the lawn or in the sand – with a beautiful copy you prove immediately sense of style. If you invest in a high-quality bath towels, you have a reliable companion for many years. And also the towel to dry will be selected well…

4. portable sun lounger with shade umbrella

Ladies, now it is easy: If you are a true Sonnenanbeterin – also on local waters – and does not want a little “Sun elegance”, then a portable deck chairis * essential for you. If this sunbed their own gives even a small shade roof, she does only desirable – rather than ‘they’ that I could write well “you” in this context…

5. sunglasses

Sunglasses* protects your eyes not only from the dangerous rays of the Sun and prevents eye wrinkles. This ensures in just a second, ladylike chic, sporty, fun, modern, dynamic, intellectually or otherwise somehow particularly work. Because sunglasses are – in addition to your bikini or swimsuit – one of the few ways stylistically in the summer to swim across front.
Before each season, check: is your sunglasses even in good condition? It fits you and your style? Or if you are looking for once a new, contemporary copy? I promise you: with the right sunglasses you feel just… great in the summer! And act on others.


Of course the sunglasses should always match your face shape. If for you portable, then above all pilot goggles and glasses with double bar – are preferred with round glass – in fashion this season.
I even prefer my glasses in the Jackie-Kennedy-style from Dolce & Gabbana, which I consider to be absolutely timeless but currently. And also a genuine Rayban Wayfarer glasses* actually goes. You have already your eyewear classic?

6 Sun Hat

OK, I have found none. Still not. Because a hat should be not only stylish, but actually provide shade, and leave any unsightly marks on the forehead. That depends on what position you can wear your ideal Sun Hat: slightly farther back on the head or deep in the forehead.
It is also important whether you can well tolerated an increasing or enlarging ornament on the head or whether the hat should build as little additional head volume. With me, the Sun Hat must have little volume and sit deep in the forehead, so that he looks favorably. And that’s almost always unsightly marks on the forehead… But I keep looking.
Typical hats, which are worn by the fashionistas as Sun Hat – and also in the trendy Street style – like, include:

  • The Trilby*, which is pushed with his small brim keck backwards or sideways.
  • the Panama Hat* with his memory of heated tropical adventure in the Indiana Jones fever,.
  • the cowboy hat* with casual jeans and Western appearance,.
  • the floppy Hat with a wide, swinging brim – typical of the 60-years-hippie culture,
  • the classic Sun Hat* straw with medium-wide, slightly curved brim and an elegant Lady flair (you know him from the Raffaello advertising) and
  • the Fedora*, since Humphrey Bogart brings slightly rakish charm even in the female summer fashion.


Especially the so-called “Boater hats” have done to the fashionistas this season. These are the hats, which are also worn by the Gondoliers in Venice. With its flat, round head and the straight brim called experts also “saw” or “Canotier”.

7 summer jewelry

Why should you not simply wear your usual real jewelry in the summer? I see many women who get off with gold chains and diamond rings or waterproof stainless steel watches in the cool water. But beware: salt water and chlorine can your real jewelry really hurt! Gold and silver jewelry can lose color, the silk thread of pearls are softened and the Pearl begins to rot from the inside to, delicate gems can be destroyed even. Not to mention the corrosion damage to joints.
It is much better if you leave your valuables at home in the summer and opt for a summery uncomplicated alternative from hard-wearing fashion jewelry. Waterproof watches* rubberized materials, colorful beaded necklaces and bracelets made of plastic, braided bands with or without woven art stones or funny plastic earrings easy XXL -banglesfrom * you can decorate as well good summery. And affordable pieces, it’s not so bad when the small particles have pitted at the end of the season…
Ensure only that the jewelry not oxidized and leave unsightly stains or are allergic react!
Or you are just pure. A great Sun Hat, stylish sunglasses and an exquisite swimsuit should actually be enough or? Not quite… see next item.

8 slippers or simple sandals

In some regions, right shoes are essential. But also on the lake or in the swimming pool it is sometimes worthwhile to move at least until the Bank on bekaperg slippers. Especially if you go in the sand, these Sandals should be also as resistant. In all other cases you will rely on the variety of fashionable, flat sandals.
The classic slippers are:

  • Havaianas* or flip flops – toe Sandals made of synthetic, which is available in a variety of colors and designs, and allow you to make always a good figure not only on the beach.
  • Adilettes*-the bad defeat by ADIDAS, which itself has become of the Prolo accessory to the cult factor.
  • Ipanema’s* – the comfortable all-rounder of Giselle Bündchen, who can do both: wet and slick.


If you want to access but rather instead of slippers to ordinary sandals, there are mainly four big trends this season.

  1. Flat sandals with narrow straps*, can you tie that up above the ankle and tie.
  2. Colorful sandals with tassels or Fringe trim*.
  3. Flat sandals with plateau-soled shoes that comfortable you a few centimeters to give more size.
  4. Elegant mules*-front open shoes with one or several, wide leather straps over the instep of the foot, in which you can simply slip into these are. There are currently flat, as well as a small or larger chunky heel. This shoe is not only convenient, but also my favorite, when it comes to an appealing addition to skirts and dresses.

9 hair jewelry

Just if you have longer hair, if your hair covering the neck or forehead, or if you have very fine hair, this is an issue certainly for you in summer: hair jewelry. How can you style your hair, so that it is as airy on the neck and face, or so it looks presentable even in the plates, sweaty or wet state? The answer is: hair bands, tyres, gum and cling.
If you have longer hair, the thing is pretty simple. Then you need a hair tie, to bind the hair into a braid, sometimes in addition a few Bobby pins, to give more support to a bun or simply a large hair clips*, to turn the hair on the back of the head and secure.
If you have shorter hair, headbands and hair bands in the game come. Plain, thin headbands in the color of your hair are the fastest way to get fringe from the forehead. Alternatively you can use also small hair clips – but beware: here threatens “Small girl alert”, if the clips not super simple and adult are.
Headbands are another way to get quickly into the handle, thin, wet or oily hair. By paver Stretchware about hip Bandana napkins* and Nicki cloths with Paisley-pattern to fine silks – with a beautiful piece of fabric around the head wrapped up really any style and every hair texture look instantly chic.


About what Paisley pattern can be seen, the trend is in this season. This is always a good idea for cheerful-lively, hip summer flair hair bands and Bandanas. And PSST!: If you do not just need your hair band, then wrap it just around your wrist – voilá! and you have created a trendy bracelet.
Try times around a bit to find your optimal “fast chic hairstyle”!

10 essential: Good reading!

And what do you do, if you really want to relax while bathing? Allow to warm themselves simply with closed eyes from the Sun? Make up only sport and play for you a successful bad day? Enjoy Ode finally to have time for the good book that you have long wanted to read?
I opt for the latter. For this I’m at always a reader wish list at Amazon, from the I spontaneously order the books me then for the bath-leisure, to which I have just the most pleasure. In the bath bag are both fashion books, and novels and thrillers. Here are the books that I currently have on my reading list – maybe the one or the other book for you is interesting:


  • ‘ Minimalism meets clothing: in 4 weeks to the wardrobe full of favorite pieces “* by Pia Mester
  • “Style: the perfect look for every woman ‘* by Kathrin Hunold
  • “today – more beautiful: the best tricks and styling tips of TV an expert”* Eva Köck EFF
  • “Just style!: fashion Guide for women”* by Dagmar Vorwerk
  • “Profile with style: personality as brand – clothing as statement”* by Elisabeth Motsch
  • “Stylish: inspiration from women who love fashion” by Marlene Sörensen (unfortunately only appears in the fall)
  • “Textiles in fashion design: the manual for the correct material choice”* by Gail Baugh (a very comprehensive book – I have at home)


  • “The best way to lose his heart”* by Mamen Sánchez
  • “The big prize”* by Meike Winnemuth
  • “The hidden Chamber”* Corinna Kastner
  • “Mercy”* Adler Olsen
  • “The enemy in the shadow”* by Henning Mankell

Which of them I probably “will process this summer”? Should one of the fashion books fully convince me, I will report here of course…
In addition, I have a few more reading tips for you if you like to browse sunglasses at your leisure on opelikafashion. Perhaps you have not Yes yet discovered the following summer posts. In it you find many more, useful tips that make the Sun, bathing and beach holiday really enjoyable and relaxed:

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So far, so good. The above list is missing of course still a little something you forget in any case: the right sunscreen*! Please keep in mind that your skin deserves to be protected against the harmful rays of the Sun! Only Sun fun without the sun damage is really funny.
And with this small, loving exhortation I release you in your very own summer, Sun and holiday fun! Let yourself be good there!