Chino Pants Trends and Tips

Trends & Tips
Chino pants: for what morphology?
If the slim, skinny and the jegging invaded our wardrobes, we sometimes like to wear more casual pants and less close to the body. Chino pants is a military-inspired cotton pants. Natural fiber, it is perfect for the summer with its wide cut.
In khaki, beige, or declined in colours of summer, it is shortened, 7/8th way. Rolled up, it allows to discover the ankles. We love her pointed out to a brown leather belt. It can be worn with a simple white cotton tank top, or a pair of sandals with heels to feminize the everything. More sophisticated, it can be the key casual with a tailored jacket and a pair of stilettos.
The Perfect Pant To V-Neck Morphology
With its straight cut, the chino pants is ample on the leg. It is not to be confused with the lattice, which has pockets on the sides. With the false air of carrot pants, it can be found with the broad inseam and a cut that tightens to the calf.
Chino pants morphologies in 8 fits perfectly. With a balance between the width of the shoulders and hips, the chino pants does not weigh down the silhouette. Consider adding a colored belt for the waist and give of the PEP to the outfit.
Chino pants rebalances the V-shape bodies, characterized by a sporty look and narrower hips than the shoulders. It is fundamental to feminize the chino to break his side too casual, with heels and jewelry.
A Casual Pants To Wear With Elegance
The chino pants are lightweight pants you wear on sunny days. Prefer high heels for a more modern look. Flat sandals, as the Spartans associated chino pants, will tend to pack the silhouette for smaller people.
It can be worn with a top as well close to the body as a loose t-shirt. We like to add a tailored jacket or a waistcoat without sleeves, for structuring the holding. A large sauté pan or colored and printed scarf will be perfect for a chic look.
Pants chino, with sand, Khaki, Navy, or black colors, may very well be autumn. Always rolled up, he agrees with low boots or a chelsea boots and a trench coat.