Choose Bedroom Carpet

The carpet in the bedroom is required to perform particular functions than the other rooms of the house. A chamber carpet is a complement to which the landlord does not make much appeal to protect the floor, as in this room do not routinely seek products that can cause damage.
A chamber carpet is, rather, the perfect ally in the enterprise to customize and make unique its most intimate room.
In the bedside version, the chamber carpet plays, and aesthetic value, also the important function of accompanying the landlord as he gets up from the bed and is preparing to start the day out of bed assuring a soft impact, heat, comfortable with the floor.

You can choose from handcrafted carpets, industrial carpets, classic carpets, modern rugs, monochrome, multicolor, long-haired, short-haired … from MysteryArounD for the wall and floor decoration everything is possible in the bedroom, as long as the overall environment it gains in originality and refinement.
The desire to increase the component of “elegance” in our room would lead to choose the set of 3 runner-colored PHC cream.
It is 3 rectangular carpets, two affixed to the two sides of the double bed (60 cm x 100 cm) and one longer (70 cm x 250 cm) to be placed at the base of the bed.
The peculiarity of this set of carpets is that the surface is made ​​of shaggy style or is constituted by narrow and long hairs (about 30 mm), twisted together, resembling “spaghetti”.
If linearity of shapes and light colors this set could very well be adapted to a room furnished in classic style, the texture of the hair and the perimeter around the bed position taken by the three carpets, this set is also configured as a tool the exaltation of the modern decoration style.
Very modern in newspapers and the matching colors between them Set of 3 wall of PHC.
Two mats have the left and right side of the bed (80cm x 150 cm) and a longer belt (80 cm x 300 cm) to be placed at the base of the bed, made of propylene and long pile of 13 mm.
Horizontal surface waves of different sizes follow each other and overlap, in shades of dark brown, beige and white.
A set of carpets that enhance modern designed rooms where maybe stand out the colors and textures of wenge wood, combining with it the curvilinear shapes in various shades of brown that stand out on the surface. A warm and refined blend.
The original and colorful rugs heart-shaped SODIAL.
Made of soft propylene, fitted in the surface of hair long and non-slip material on the back, the pink carpet heart-shaped SODIAL® can be purchased individually, if you want to place in a corner of the room, or you can make matching more pieces , so as to define the wall areas and to create, around the same, a sort of frame of hearts.
This model is the ideal complement for those who want to add a touch of color, lively and true romance in the bedroom.