Choose Custom Shirts Online

In this guide I will explain all the tricks for how to choose custom shirts online without making mistakes.
A number of useful tips that I use when I have to buy a t-shirt on the internet that you would not normally find in physical stores.

Choose Custom Shirts Online

When you come across a site that sells custom shirts online, one of the first thing you do is leave capture graphics or colors. So far so good, but the design or graphics on the shirt is all about? Absolutely not. Although the look and feel of your future t-shirt makes a difference among others, there are certain aspects that it is better to take into consideration before buying, which is the material, the fit, the type of custom t shirt printing and Finally the price.
Now I will explain step by step the various points to keep an eye on to choose your custom t-shirt from TOPB2BWEBSITES.


When you buy a shirt online, often do not look at the material or rather the composition of the t-shirt itself. Could you tell me, BUT what DO I CARE? Well, if you think you’re wrong! The material of the shirt is very important because it determines its durability. There are in fact cotton shirts (usually the labelling 100% cotton) or acrylic, or a mixture of cotton and acrylic, this information can be found on the label located on the inside of the shirt, but online Obviously you can’t control, so you have to claim to know the type of material of the shirt you’re buying for the simple fact that:
at-shirt on 100% cotton is notoriously softer and better quality on all of them. If washed too often, in the case of graphic tee might in time become discolored but this depends on the origin of the shirt (if for example is Chinese) and the temperature at which the wash.
at-shirt on 100% Acrylic I’d be away for life is a Microfiber similar to wool. When you wear a shirt in acrylic keeps you warm but if you sweat a little, you will stink like a goat in heat! Are irritating to skin.
amixed 50% cotton and 50% acrylic shirt, for many it is a good compromise, because on the one hand the cotton makes the t-shirt soft and comfortable, the other acrylic makes it more durable, but remember the effect reeks!
If I had to choose custom shirts online would choose only that 100% cotton!


Sites that do not display the shirts fit, they should close them now! When we buy on the internet our beautiful t-shirt we obviously can’t wear it to try it on our physical, so if we do not have an indication of fit, know if we will look good on you is a lottery! So it’s good to always have a scale of fit is usually divided into:
regular or regular
There is no need to explain the meaning of these subdivisions, are clear already from itself. If your site sells custom shirts, you will also find a size guide, then you have before a TOP site! Yes, because in addition to knowing the fit of the shirt you must also figure out what is an L or M for that site! There are some M dressing large or small. So having a guide with measured in centimetres, both for the width of the t-shirt that the length is good. You can be sure of buying something that you will wear the big star.

Printing Type

Also this information is super important. You want a shirt that at first wash lose its graphics/drawing? No!!
The types of printing the t-shirts can be basically 3 types:
Screen printing
digital printing
hot foil stamping
The screen printing is the most widely used in the world. It is the best in terms of accuracy, does not bother to touch if you touch the design on your custom t-shirt and even washing it thousands of times the color does not go away, but you will not find t-shirts online with multi colour designs or with photographs, but usually we only use 3 colors maximum.
The digital printing is great, sometimes it is even higher as detail and accuracy than the printed press, but beware the Emboss effect on the shirt, if in fact you are about to buy a graphic tee, such as blue, with a digital printing on, when you pass your finger over the touch pad design annoying. In contrast, you can customize the shirt also with a photograph, or with graphics up to 100 colors.
The hot stamping was Afar, but over time its use has dropped a lot, first of all because from the first wash the design on the shirt may discolor or worse come loose, another known issue is the effect chewy on the drawing same, worse of digital printing and finally, especially in summer is worse than leprosy! Ago swelter especially if the printed design is big. SAUNA effect guaranteed.


This last point seems almost trivial but here you are wrong, it is not at all.
If on the one hand it is important to have the other aforementioned explained (material, fit and print type) does not mean that the site from which you want to buy, we provide all this information. So already from the rate you will be able to understand what you are about to buy.
If a shirt has a cost that ranges from 9 to 13 euros, then perhaps it is a shirt of Chinese origin, so 100% or 50% acrylic all with a print or digital.
If instead the cost ranges from 14 to 18, then you probably have a good quality 100% cotton type of shirt, but might be printed digitally, which should not be a problem at all, especially if you are buying a custom white t-shirt .
Finally, if the rate goes from 19 to 30 euros, in front of you on top of what the market has to offer.
Especially in shirts online, the price determines the quality, more costs plus you get something that will last for years and years. Less costs more will be the disappointment!

The Best Sites Where You Can Buy Custom Shirts Online

Over the years I’ve bought t-shirts from almost all over the world (I don’t like the shirt you could have anyone, buying it at the store downstairs) and I got a clear idea on where to buy, but before we get to this awareness I threw unfortunately several money, as well as different shirts. So treasure of my experience and my advice.