Choose the Right Sports Bra

Three most important things to consider when choosing their sports bra is:

  1.  What should you exercise?
  2.  How big is your bust?
  3.  What physiological conditions do you have?

Various sports bras have different functions. Make sure you choose a bra suitable for the activity you’re doing. For example, if there is a more high intensity active as running or if there is a more active, low-intensity resistance training. All bras are labeled with the intensity level.
How Do I Find My Size?
Measure the chest under the bust.
Round up to the nearest five-number up. Do you have a measurement of 79 cm below the bust, it means you must have size 80 in circumference.
What is My Right Cup Size?
Measure your chest where breasts are like fylligast. Say you measures 94 cm.
Then take 94 minus 79, which is the measure under the bust. The difference is
15 cm, which means you should have
cup size B according to the table.
According to, a sports bra should sit a little tighter than a normal bra but it should feel
comfortable and still be able to freely take a deep breath. If there are adjustable straps so be sure to BHN sits well on the extreme snap. There is a risk that the BHN stretches of time, and then it is good to be able to use the internal closures. Bhn will not chafe or pressing too much around the arm or shoulder straps. The cups should be smooth. Occur wrinkles or folds are the hive is too large. Try to stretch your arms. About BHN follow up is probably too large. Test BHN by jumping and running on the spot to see if it provides the support you need.
Do not wash with softener. It clogs the pores and allows
the material loses breathability. It can also affect the elasticity and then disappear automatically part of the aid. Wash your bra at 40 degrees and turn it gladly out-and-out to save the logo print that may be on BHN. Avoid tumble when it wears the BHN and any logo printing. A sports bra is calculated cope 30-40 washes. Try to avoid machine wash it after each pass so extended service life, sometimes it is enough to rinse it.