Choosing Sunglasses

No accessory provides as much attitude to dress like a couple well STI solglasgögon. With too much focus on trends and brands choose many unfortunately completely wrong bow for his face and personality. In order not to look like an elaborate fashion victims, we give you five important tips to keep in mind.
Find your bow saws, portable power
According to Sunglasseswill, sunglasses are as much as regular glasses to find a bow saws, portable power that fits your face. How trendy it may be with round sunglasses, it is far from all that fits in there. It often written about many rules over what kind of bows that are suitable for different face shapes. Usually, these are too simplistic, but it is at least as much about which expression the wearer would signal with their bows. For the inexperienced glasses wearer, this can be hard to know, why it is important to visit several different opticians to finally find someone who fits one’s style. A good relationship with your optometrist is at least equal important as the relationship to the tailor and Shoemaker.
Keep in mind color eyewear
Equally important to the arcs dress your face, even its color to fit. Different materials and colours gives totally different impressions that are important to consider. A black color, select the arc shape clearly, while a sköldpaddsfärgad model is seen as something calmer and more in tone with even skin tone. Likewise, it is important to consider the material itself. Metals is often perceived as quite hard and cold.
Match your dress
A further important aspect is how glasses should fit one’s fashion style. Equally stylish contrast as a pair of classic Persol or Ray-Ban Wayfarer may be of a dressed up the style of costume, just as lame can be the same style with a pair of Oakley sportbågar. Contrasts is neat, but it may not feel like one element takes too much attention from the other. Just sportbågar to suit tends to give the impression that the person would rather be out there and jog than checking accounts. No one wants to look like a lost athlete in his suit.
Quality vs. budget
Many people choose a cheaper eyewear for fear of forgetting their sunglasses at any outdoor seating. Although this is a rational behaviour, there are several advantages of quality bows. It is a big difference between good spectacle frames and cheaper companies, as manifested in the material and the hinges. For those who wear glasses daily is that difference obvious, but those who use sunglasses as a fashion accessory rarely think of this kind of details. To invest in a pair of well-made glasses also means that they are used far more frequently and over more seasons. The constantly changing glasses before each season will have a hard time actually learning to thrive with their bows. Sunglasses requires as well as the usual bows a little time to get used to. Otherwise, it gives the person just a strained and elaborate appearance to seem cool.
Skip märkesmanin
The biggest error people commit when they choose glasses is that they choose glasses based on the mark. Unfortunately, the fashion brands have realized the potential of letting his fat log adorning the glasses. Of course, the person would have marks on their bows choose it, but keep in mind that the shape will always be more important than the brand. In addition, it is very easy to get tired of clothes and, not least, glasses with everything for the prominent logos.