Christmas Decorations: Christmas Tree Ornaments

Just buy Christmas tree ornaments was yesterday, today is a “do it yourself”. With our tips, your tree will steal the show style and every other Christmas tree!
What colors, what bullets, what style? When it comes to decorating the Christmas tree , good advice is expensive — actually. there the tips as always free and this time they come by Deco expert Yvonne Bauer: “I find it the most, when combined with homemade ornaments purchased balls.” This, she have decorated many small, white Pompomkugeln and small birds with ceramic balls, writes the blogger in her new book “Christmas with Miss small”.
To succeed in the ceramic balls and other homemade Christmas tree Ornaments:
Materials For Christmas Tree Decorations
White Keram
iplast (self cure)
For rolling out pastry Board
Cookie cutter for ball
Clear acrylic lacquer
Black foil pen
Letter stickers (stationery – or Scrapbook supplies)
Cord (E.g. bakers Twine)
White acrylic Matt varnish
Hot-melt Adhesive
Nylon yarn
Wooden beads of various sizes
To succeed in the Christmas decorations for the tree

  1. Christmas Tree Pendant Made From Keramiplast

Keramiplast approximately 3 mm thin on a pastry Board roll out and cut out different shapes with a Christmas ball cutter.Alternatively, you can use also a round cookie cutter. The pendant with clear acrylic varnish paint after curing. Are they dried on a part of the trailer record pattern with water-resistant foil pen.With words from letter stickers to decorate the other part. With cord provided balls for the suspension.

  1. Cones And Acorns As Christmas Tree Ornaments

Acorns and pine cones with white acrylic Matt varnish spray: only the pins completely from the top handle down. The acorns, however, release from the CAP and white spray only the elongated fruit. After drying with hot glue in the CAP stick again the fruit. Tip: Only acorns with a longer style at the CAP can be used, because otherwise the cord for the suspension not secure.Carefully attach a nylon cord to the cones. This watch, that the pins will not break.

  1. Weihnachstdeko From Wooden Beads
    Depending on the size of the balls two or three natural colored wooden beads on a string thread and knot the cord for the suspension up.
    Creative Decoration, Refined Recipes: Christmas With Miss Klein

With their new baking and decorating book “Christmas with Miss small” has Bloggerin Yvonne Bauer already published her second book. Their ideas for Advent Calendars, wreaths, garlands and Christmas tree ornaments inspired by completely own the advent season to prepare the home. Why ready buy everything if stockings manufacture of wallpaper from remnants and winter landscapes on branch disc created? The extensive recipe section of the book sweet temptations at their own expense are also.