Chromecast Displays Tabs in Full HD

Yet another update for Chromecast makes the tabs from Google Chrome even sharper on the tv.
If you are one of those who cannot get the latest fast enough, then there are a lot of beta versions of various programs to play with, and Google also has a part of them, for example, Google Chrome and Chromecast. In the beta version of Cast-the addition to Google Chrome, it is now possible to cast tabs in Full HD.
It is possible to choose between the dissolution, the tabs should have when they are sent over on television, and in the latest update of the beta version of Chrome can one screw up at 1920 x 1080 pixels.
However, we must still remember that the more pixels requires a good internet connection and then the little detail that the tv of course must also be able to display this resolution.
There has been continuously added new Options and improvements to Google, which already in his fledgling Chromecast start got a good character in our review of the.