Classic Hats Gets Boost

The classic English beret brand Kangol has, if not all, so very much to the hip hop scene and black culture for their success.
Jacques Henry Sergene, who previously worked with importing berets from France to England, and started its own production of hats in 1938.
The sale of the hats went slowly forward but in 1984 suddenly doubled sales. It turned out that LL Cool J had a Kangolhatt on themselves on the cover of their debut “Radio”.
Two years later mention Slick Rick his kangol in hit LaDi Dadi and sales increased further.
After that, artists such as Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Outkast, and Ghostface Killah all borne Kangols caps and hats.
The legendary Kangol 504
This hat, which was created in 1954, has some black cast to thank for their success and their position as “the ultimate homeboy accessory” (according to Kangols website).
Damon Wayans in The Last Boyscout and in particular Samuel Jackson in Jackie Brownbut also many others have made 504an to a sales success worldwide.
KANGOL pronounced from the beginning Kang-ol as the name comes from the silK ANGora woOL. But since nobody (atleast not Americans) took it and instead came in and asked for Kangaroo-hats, so the company changed and put simply there a kangaroo on his Cap. The company thus has nothing to do with Australia.
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