Coffin Nail Art 2016

Coffin nail art: manicure trends for spring summer 2016! Coffin nail or ballerina shape is one of the latest trends in nails that is depopulating between star and also on various social. Among the celebrities who have launched this nail trend 2016 we find the beautiful Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s sister, who, in addition to the eccentric look, also sports beautiful coffin nails of all colors. But what is this special manicure so fashionable in this holiday season? Let’s find out together!
The word “coffin” in English means coffin, which doesn’t seem to portend nothing cheerful. But why was this word macabre binds to the nails? In fact, the so-called “coffin nails are called so because they have an elongated and boxy, reminiscent of that of a coffin. Your nails with this shape, in fact according to, are quite long and taper slightly towards the tip strictly square shape, thus giving a result at Trapeze.
But how to recreate this form of fingernail so peculiar and impressive? If you wish to have with this manicure trends, keep in mind that the length is one of the essential requirements, but what makes it really special is the shape with which it is filed. The sides of the nail are filed down so obliquely, while the tip instead of being rounded is well dressed.
However, the “coffin nails”, or ballerina slipper-shaped nails, are also trend for this spring summer 2016. In particular, for the warm season your nails with this particular form will have to be quite long and glazed with strictly pastel colours to highlight their shape. To highlight the nails boxy opt for a glaze of a single color: the most popular are soft and pastel shades opaque ones, but you can also choose darker shades of Brown, black or gray. If you want to dampen a little ghoulish effect played with nail art and make it a bit more fresh and colorful, choosing for example of the nuance of Polish lit . Those who want to be glamorous and trendy, you can also opt for the nails “-shaped coffin” which include floral or geometric patterns, such as rows.
However, to make this most unique and impressive manicure, you can also apply on the nails of glitter or Rhinestones, sequins or beads, but also of mini studs. Finally, to make your coffin nail art even more fashion and glamour with your hands with rings, bracelets and jewelry!