Collection Bath Maternity Summer 2014

Shop windows are already filled with summer pantone to start to taste, with the rise of the temperatures and the Sun’s rays, the beginning of the summer. The days lengthen, mood changes and weekend smell of Sun, outdoor and beach.
Your wardrobe to change, start filling up ever more colorful and fresh clothing; and between dresses, trousers and shirts, garments are stars of the summer: the swimsuits and bikinis.
It is still a little early, but nothing high temperatures will be here and we will be all week thinking of heading to the beach, pool or terrace for tanning us or give us that first and palatable bath.
This year Mit Mat Mamá has joined the healthy trend of the colour therapy, to bring you the bathroom collection maternity this summer 2014 as described in gradinmath.
Maternity bikini model patent leather made up of two parts, combines the floral print with tones fluorine, following the trend “hit of the summer”.
If in addition now that you’re pregnant, you want to protect your tummy a little more, you can opt for the swimsuit maternity Simpli, in tone jeans and combined with colors and inlaid Swarovski live, giving it a more chic.
All models of the collection bath premama, both bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits, are designed to last throughout the period of pregnancy. They are also made with fabrics and patterns that are perfectly suited to the growth of the belly.
You can find these two models you have tabled and many more in our online store, or check out some of the stores that we have distributed throughout the peninsula.
If you want more information about the collections of bathroom Mit Mat Mamá maternity enters our section swimwear maternity.
And you, what you prefer?