Adventure Time Ago Reality One of His Chapters with The Game War of Letters

As a staunch fan of the saga Adventure time, I had great in certain chapter in which the protagonists were playing a card game that had all the potential to be a full game. Said and done, has already reached the international market version for Android in this card game that will delight fans of the series and those interested in card games.

In War letters the aim is to leave no life to our opponent points using an array of creatures, spells, and buildings. Each shift can take advantage of our magic points to invoke any of these cards or using abilities of monsters that can be the key to end up defeating the enemy.

In addition, we will have a roulette that we will be required to do critical damage and counterattack, being increasingly necessary as items are complicated. The game has an initial cost and has micro transactions to get best letters, in addition to a very improved Spanish translation, but is still a very solid game that will delight fans of this series

War letters

  • Version of Android: Since 3.2
  • Developer:

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