Arlo Q Netgear Review

Netgear was distinguished last year with Arlo, tight mini-camera and completely wireless, but require an external box. The Arlo range today welcomes a newcomer, the Arlo Q, Wi-Fi camera more traditional interior, sold € 219 . Does it live up to its predecessor that writing was rewarded?

Yes, for ease of installation

Wi-fi cameras have the advantage of being placed across the range of the wireless home network, but the wireless configuration is sometimes problematic. The Arlo Q has proved docile for his part: The operation does not take more than 5 minutes and requires informing the encryption key of the Wi-fi, press a sync button and scan a QR Code . Netgear also had the good idea to add a device wall mountand a long power cable of 3 meters, synonymous with a certain freedom of placement.

Yes, its equipment

This camera is equipped with a high resolution sensor (1920 x 1080 pixels), a wide-angle optical 130 °, a microphone, a speaker (which can call anyone remotely if necessary), and infrared LEDs for night vision. The list is fairly complete, except for the memory card slot. The image is clean, balanced and colorimetry “noise” parasite manifests little, even when the brightness tends to decline. Only downside: the optical distortion (barrel effect) due to the wide angle is quite pronounced on the edges of the image. Note that the definition can be lowered (720p and below) if the bandwidth of the Wi-fi signal is insufficient.

Yes, for its many options

The mobile app (iOS / Android / Amazon Kindle) not only has a pleasant and intuitive interface, except for some truncated texts here and there, but many functions: trigger on sound detection and / or movements, activation function a schedule or geographically locate phone, sharing temporary access with relatives, creating three detection zones within the frame (useful to exclude the ground and the passage of pets, for example), etc. Even the Service IFTTT (If this Then that) is available and associates the Arlo Q to other objects connected to create mini-automation scenarios. Our only complaint concerns the notification by email that has never deigned to run contrary to the push notification

Yes, its free online storage

This is the trend: Arlo Q lacks memory card and records videos in case of motion detection, are located in the cloud Netgear. The advantage is that with the Q Arlo, this basic service is free, while other manufacturers choose to make him pay. Records are kept seven days before being erased and can be downloaded locally. Of paying options (€ 8.99 / month or € 13.99 / month) propose to keep 30 or 60 days or continuous shooting 24/24.

No, because of its design

Like other high-tech products, surveillance cameras are gaining in aesthetics, witnessed the Security Camera or MyFox Welcome to Netatmo, elegantly finished. The Arlo Q camera has not received such attention. It is an object made of matte and glossy white plastic with no real originality. Not enough to upset the lovers of beautiful objects. This remains a subjective feeling, indoor surveillance camera did not meant to be exposed.

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