Beware, Your Future Boss Is Watching What You Do on The Networks

Companies claim to consult social networks of their (futures, especially) employees. To start: recognize that you are going to gossip is ugly, very ugly. But I read that this will seriously and ask me what, how, when and why while another line I start to castrate my Facebook make me anonymous on Twitter, to privatize my Instagram and obviously, fulminating my profile of Tinder. I what I know. Now I’m afraid.

What pretend to find or what will want to have not ever found?

The companies are the new parents on social networks. Who you are (apart from my boss, my leader, my leader, my economic Sustainer and my most admired be superior of the sector in which your feet I have) to rubberneck and put there nose? (There not, on the other there). No one. You, my Highness, u no és ningú.

Apparently, this is going to be the latest fashion to an already well established fashion. Stalkear very strong candidate (aka suspicious, until their social networks demonstrate otherwise). Than normal. You read the above curriculum, you’ll your worth (though sometimes ashamed) LinkedIn and pleased neither lazy nor satisfied, run as a fan of Justin Bieber to their social networks that ever were, surely, personal.

What about the following? Rummage in our basket of dirty clothes?

Accompany me to the grocery store to see if I commit some fraud weighing fruit? Looking me as filler diary to dietitian if I omit certain forbidden foods that I deny ever having eaten at three in the morning? Meet in secret with my mother to teach it to my photo album? Call for my ex? Do you go through an appointment Tinder? My God, most good idea. Calla. Fear.

I was wrong. Our parents would never do that. They would respect our unlimited trash spaces, no wonder those photos where we dressed up as sexy Minion and with any illegality in the mouth or hands. Our latch of the bathroom would not be forced, nor would listen secretly to our phone calls with the boy that we like. They also cuestionarían our undesirable hangovers or our ‘expected, expected’ while you raise you pajamas and turn off the notebook. They never would go by our Facebook Wall without leaving a trace. My mother wouldn’t judge silently and in the back a picture of pure postureo (maybe because they feel a moral obligation to discuss it absolutely everything). Your parents would never leave you want videos singing in playback subís instagram. I think. I don’t know. Have you tried to teach them? Not me.

Definitely, human resources are the new mothers. The question is to remove defects, ask uncomfortable questions, look under the bed for posting fluff or the finger through the highest shelf or in absence thereof, by the sore.

Good luck and love lives. And the mothers-in-law.


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