Epic Games Shows The Potential of Unreal Engine 4 in a Nexus 5

Long time confirmed the change of trend in the mobile gaming market, which is that the smarpthones have been gradually displacing the portable consoles ostracized.

Today we can enjoy titles on our phones with an impressive quality, closest to a console of truth that a casual game for smartphones, and this is due in part to the graphics engines with which developers can unleash their creativity.

One of them is this Unreal Engine 4 He already showed their capabilities on other occasions, but which still we hadn’t seen any video running natively in their natural habitat, a smartphone like Nexus 5.

The power of today’s smartphones is beyond doubt, and the video itself shows the ease with which Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and the 330 Adreno GPU’s last googlephone move some graphics that promise to be comparable to the of a previous generation desktop console.

Obviously, this does not palliate the discomfort of the buttons on the screen, but who doesn’t want to carry a graphic quality similar to the PlayStation 3 game on your phone?

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