Foscam FI9805W Test

Burglars are fairly simple to understand criminals: they will attack your home when you are not there. To avoid their rampage, should pay people to keep your cottage, but everyone can not afford to opt for this solution.

People in this situation often decide then to acquire surveillance cameras. Besides, the market is flooded with many kinds. Foscam, a leading manufacturer of camera features such as its model Foscam FI9828W, but we will focus here on the Foscam FI9805W is most appreciated by consumers.

To see if this preference is not just a coincidence, securitypology has tested this product and here are our impressions.

The assets of the Foscam FI9805W

This device is a guard tower true for your home. It is totally waterproof and resistant to harsh climatic conditions. It is ideal for monitoring the exterior of a building especially as it allows shooting in daylight as at night. It is indeed equipped with infrared LEDs that provide quality images in complete darkness.

The device requires no development, it adjusts itself depending on the object or the person filmed. Moreover, it zoom. The camera provides high definition videos (1280 x 960) that you can view from any computer, and it is even possible to see the live recordings on your smartphone or tablet. To do this, it is still necessary that you install the application or viewer FOSCAM FOSCAM Surveillance Pro on your mobile device.

This device must be connected to your home network using a network cable or via WiFi.This second option seems to be the most interesting since it avoids you to operate many facilities.


The configuration of the camera is not for neophytes. It will take effect in addressing some technical details and interface of the configuration software does not make your job easier. This does not simplify the handling and can discourage the most enthusiastic. To configure, you must hire a specialist, which will increase your expenses.

Our Findings

This camera, although difficult to install, is very interesting in terms of functionality. It allows you to monitor 24/24 the vicinity of your home. Besides, it can also warn you in case of intrusion through its motion sensors like the D-Link DCS-932L .

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