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Heden IP Camera Cloud v5.6

The IP Camera Cloud v5.6 is a new iteration of the VisionCam v5.5 we were testing there a little less than two years. Nothing new on the side of specifications, changes are to be found at the interface, review and partly based on the cloud.

Design and Ergonomics
Like the Foscam FI8910W, IP Cloud Camera v5.6 is Pan & Tilt, that is to say, motorized on two axes. It covers a field of 330 ° horizontally and 120 ° vertically. The engine is particularly quiet here, a good point when you do not want to arouse suspicion or maintain a permanent patrol (automatic continuous scanning). design level, the matt black look less attractive than the bright white of our Foscam. But the space is almost exactly the same, that is to say therefore. The base of the camera incorporates mounting locations and a thread: the camera can be attached wherever you want (screws and plugs included). Note that the most lightweight camera that the only power cable causes the base slides. If you also connect an Ethernet cable, it will be better to attach the camera.

Heden said his lens covers an 60 ° angle of view: it seems very realistic. The framing is actually tighter than other cameras. It’s okay for a motorized model, especially as it enjoys a free image distortion … but no chromatic aberration. The integrated sensor type CMOS 1/4 ” with VGA resolution. The goal is bordered by 12 infrared LEDs, wearing night vision 10 m (maximum)! In short, the similarities between Foscam Heden and abound.

The v5.6 communicates Wi-Fi b, g, n and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. But also via its two built-in speakers since the audio management is bidirectional. Those who want to bypass the speakers (very bad quality) will go out the jack plug. Another nuance here: the connection to four pins to connect the camera to an external alarm. And the motion detection cell is of course of the game.

About the installation phase
Not rocket science here, the process described step by step quickly leads to an operational camera. Installing the VisionCam v5.6 software after connecting the camera to the Ethernet network. device search is performed from the software and it’s ready! Well, almost … Because to go further into the settings (Wi-Fi, detection, etc.), it remains to double click on the name of the previously added camera. The main interface of the software is only a preview window, where you ride the goal, listen and see what happens and is initiated at the request of the catch images and videos, saved locally. What has been greatly simplified, it is setting the VisionCam application (iOS and Android), resting it on a cloud platform. the first time we grasp the parameters listed on the label under the camera, and detection is done automatically. Rather appreciated!

Administration and features
The camera’s web interface Heden is … a Web interface, that is to say, no frills, austere but efficient blade.Especially as it is in French. It gathers information on the device, the time and date settings, configuring alarms and email notifications, network settings (wired, wireless and DDNS), powerplant, and flow sharing with other users. Heden has passed on the FTP, unfortunately. And setting the detection does not include zoning (focus on an area where we want the detection is done) or sound detection. All we can do is ask the camera to send an email with a burst of six frames. When the camera is willing to obey … In fact, in our tests, shipments have worked for a while, then nothing. Can not receive any warning! We had to restore the factory settings and reconfigure everything so that alerts are raised. Reliability is still not a great strength of Heden. Video can be captured at the request from mobile or PC software. Or it must go through a NAS.

The image parameters are identical to those proposed by Foscam: resolution, refresh rate, frame rate (30 fps max), brightness, contrast and geometry (horizontal flip or mirror). Note that by default, the pictures are too dark and contrasting. So you have to backtrack to get more readable results.

The visualization of flow is through an interface very similar to that of Foscam, there yet. Only the icons change really. Oh yes, users of Internet Explorer will be able to install another browser, because the web interface is so deplorably sloppy. That is the big difference with Foscam. And like the TV-IP762IC TRENDnet, Wi-Fi was not the most powerful on the IP Camera Cloud v5.6 of Heden. It will also ensure there use wired or not too far from the router.

Quality of results
… The results are difficult to observe. If you put end to end that detection was particularly risky, and to retrieve the recordings controlled from the smartphone (Nexus 5) requires every time restart it for the files in Explorer Windows, you must be motivated! Furthermore past these difficulties, we find very similar results to what gives the Foscam FI8910W. Poorly detailed pictures but will do if the subject does not move too. Despite 30 im / s that is available for viewing, leveled the recordings themselves, 20 im / s, 640 x 480 pixels at a rate only slightly lower (1.7 Mbps) in Motion JPEG.

The camera is very reactive Heden also shows, that is if the source of the Wi-Fi is not too far away. The transition between day and night vision is instantaneous, the very low display latency. But the engine is less responsive and sending alerts … will not be repeated. Or perhaps is it the detection malfunctioning? The result is that it is difficult to rely on this camera.

The good thing however is mobile VisionCam (iOS and Android). Why ? Because it allows, if not really aesthetic, to do everything we could hope for: visualize, capture, move the camera, set the email and detecting shipments.When the detection is successful, the application sends a notification in stride (provided it runs in the background on the smartphone). In short, a real autonomous control interface!


With its IP Camera Cloud v5.6, Heden is new with the old. And the problem is that the old cookie … The material has not changed since v5.5 (which itself introduced not much compared to v2.2). Either it is no less powerful than Foscam (except Wi-Fi, much better in the latter). But level reliability, Heden is not the point. And a CCTV solution, it’s annoying. The detection and / or alerts are too risky behavior so that we can confidently entrust this camera care to monitor its nest. The VisionCam based application on a cloud service is certainly very heartfelt, but it does not compensate for gaps in IP Camera Cloud in v5.6. Foscam done better for less, the award is lifted!

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