Image of The Week: Esperanza Aguirre and The Speed of Games Parody on Android

Last Thursday was held one of the most notorious events today, and is that the former President of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, He was a stumbling block to justice. In the heart of Gran Via in Madrid illegally parked his car and when they wanted him to put the fine, started the car and collided with the motorbike of the police then go to your home.

Ignoring the political implications, it is being cause for criticism and mockery by many. Today there are many ways of laughing at an event, and an application for Android is one of them because of the simplicity both when it comes to program them as at the time of upload to Play Store.

This is how it came about GTAguirre, a game that tries to see the events in a way that is both fun and critical. It is not a game too polished, but it is a good way to get the humorous side to situations such as this,

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