Jabra BT2050

With the Nokia 6300 it makes great impression, with the Sony Ericsson W890i a less good. In other words: The Jabra BT2050 (40 euro) has an increased dependency on mobile. Here the test report with the Sony Ericsson W890i.

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Firstly the BT2050 with Nokia can be operated around 100 hours in standby mode, secondly, also the acoustic yield is better here.

The cheap Jabra model granted more expensive, seemingly better headset from his own forge a little lesson: the headset once inside the ear, it feels right there at home and not just out tips even with violent shaking.

Whether with or without bar – the BT2050 is sitting safely and comfortably on the ear. 8.5 grams, moves the Jabra in the lightweight class and its wearer is no noticeable load.

Is really fun

On shakedown, telephoning properly made fun, where the volume control needed a little exercise. The voice quality is decent, the slight background noise disturbs the conversation hardly.

The cranky voice dialing was annoying but: with the Nokia phone, it worked better than with the Sony Ericsson. With the BT2050 Jabra made a thoroughly recommended headset to a pleasantly low price in the shelves.

Data sheet

Volume control / mute Circuit /
Charger 220V / 12V (car) /
USB charging cable
Battery / battery replaceable Li-Polymer /.
BT profile: Headset / Handsfree /
Standby time / operating time (hours: minutes) 6T 15:56:00 / 4:10:00
Volume value transmit / receive direction (dB) 8.2 / 13.6
Distortion of transmit and receive direction (dB) -27.0 / – 23.3
Frequency response transmit / receive direction points max. 4 / 6
Weight headset / charger (g) 8.5 / 54


ENDURANCE up to 150 satisfactory (107)
Standby time / Betriebszeit120 / 30 89 / 18
FACILITIES 50 satisfactory (33)
HANDLING up to 150 well (127)
Processing / operation 20 / 40 17 / 29
Comfort / weight 55 / 35 47 / 34
Acoustics up to 150 satisfactory (110)
tested in issue: NC1 / 09


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