Jabra JX20 Pura

The fastest car is not necessarily the best, nor the most expensive headset. But who’s driving a Maybach, doesn’t care about its fuel consumption. Here the test report with the Sony Ericsson W890i.

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Jabra with the JX20 Pura (150 euros) towards the luxury – in terms of style and elegance, it is top. Alone the unpacking of the most expensive candidate is an experience: in the high-quality box, you will find accessories such as a USB charging cable and a neck strap made of leather. The operating instructions there are unfortunately only in English.

Thanks to the separate charger, the headset is always tidy and well protected, the titanium case is highly processed. Also during the telephone conversation, the Jabra is not nakedness – it sounds clean without dropouts or noise.

A treat: Mobile music on the headset is transmitted thanks to A2DP profile. With 180 hours standby time is properly sized. When it comes to comfort the boy must insert a small complaint, because it sits slightly insecure on the ear.

All in all is a solid headset with good voice quality that lives primarily from its flair the JX20.

Technical data and test results

Volume control / mute Circuit /
Charger 220V / 12V (car) /
USB charging cable
Battery / battery replaceable Li-ion /.
Profile: Headset / Handsfree /
Standby time / operating time 7 D 5:22:00 / 7:10:00
Volume value send / Receiving directionB 12.4 / 14.8
Distortion of transmit and receive direction (dB) -29.7 / – 24.4
Weight headset / charger (g) 11.1 / 57
Betriebszeit30 24


ENDURANCE up to 150 well (117)
Standby time / Betriebszeit120 / 30 93 / 24
FACILITIES 50 satisfactory (37)
HANDLING up to 150 good (119)
Processing / operation 20 / 40 18 / 27
Comfort / weight 55 / 35 43 / 31
Acoustics up to 150 satisfactory (112)
tested in issue: NC1 / 09


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