Men Worry about Both Look like to Us? We Wonder What They Say The Latest Studies

We live in a society obsessed with appearance and aesthetic perfection, but?affects more if you’re a woman? We pressed and, consequently, are more obsessed? A study conducted by the journal Body Image has come to the conclusion that each time its appearance worries men more and more and there are fewer differences. But the pressure is still different for boys and girls.

Be pretty, look good, appear less years, treating wrinkles, take care of those extra pounds… For years worry the physical appearance and for always being great has been a thing of women. As insecurity or self-esteem problems related to our physical appearance.

But a recent study by the scientific journal Body Image has discovered that the tables have not changed, but yes they are including men.

The study conducted among more than twelve thousand adults has focused on studying the feelings and personal perception of respondents, as well as the importance given to his physical, making Special emphasis on beauty and weight.

If until short we were the only ones about us for the extra pounds, this study has discovered that also begins to them to worry about. And pretty. Up to 15% of those interviewed were very unhappy with your weight, compared with 20% of the women interviewed. And up to 6% of them they suffered because their appearance did not like in comparison to 9% of women.

Do those numbers do not approach a lot? But they aren’t the only ones who come. Also in the positive part of the study, on the part of men and women who feel good about their appearance, there are enough matches: 28% of men felt fine in his skin against 26% of women. Or 24% of the men claimed to be satisfied with their weight compared with 20% of women.

But one of the most relevant things from the study is that the physical appearance has a vital place in the scale of things we consider to be fundamental to be happy: occupies third place in the case of women, just after our financial position and our sentimental relation and the second for men!, just after the financial security.

According to Dr. David Frederick, author of the study and Professor of psychology at Chapman University, these studies have demonstrated the importance of brutal living thin for women, but both (or more) have an athletic physique for men and far that is still American society feel pleased with his physique and, therefore , with themselves.

Attention also how much that affects overweight or appearance in sexual relations, but also in the chances of suffering anxiety, insecurity, fear,… or disorders. Men and women alike.

To me all this causes me great reflection that goes far beyond the absurd importance we give all the appearance against other virtues like goodness, intelligence, sense of humor, generosity… that seem to be incredibly more valuable.

What really strikes me very much is that becoming increasingly is more evident that concerned them both as to us physicist and there is very little difference between the sexes. Except in the treatment received in the media, cinema, series, advertising, where is evident that they have not yet collected that change. Or that they walk on tiptoe on the subject. Or to ignore it. Or they think that responsibility of the women remains the stay beautiful and young. The difference that remains is more than evident.

Equal start with be all a bit more unhappy and all equally concerned by the image is not good sign.


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