Micromachismos: The Other Feminist Struggle That We Need a Better Vaccine

What machismo is still latent in our society, unfortunately, is something that almost no one dares to deny. The gender-based violence or the wage differentials between men and women are, perhaps, the most flagrant examples. We recognize them and the vast majority of ordinary people, men and women, We reject those behaviors. But, what happens with the? micromachismos?

Micromachismo It’s a term of recent coinage that may make many sound to Chinese. Because, What is a micromachismo? As those small gestures of everyday life that assumes the superiority of man over woman. The keyword ES presuppose. Because some micromachismos are so internalized by the social majority, even by men (and women) less sexist, that pose a serious danger in the fight for equality. In what fields can we find those micromachismos? Let’s see some examples.

Household chores

Luckily, some years ago This phrase of “Fulanito helps a lot to his wife at home» He has gone down in history. But there are still long assumed behavior: «Honey, because I put the» dishwasher», «which program the wool washing?», «what for?» food?».

In many of our homes (thankfully!) These phrases are not heard. Household chores are distributed to the fifty percent or, simply, the most comfortable way according to the job responsibilities of each, while gender affects absolutely nothing. But,?us scared If you hear these comments in the House of an acquaintance? We should ask ourselves what.

Family life

Recently, a friend told me Professor that in their tutoring with parents, more than ninety percent of the time, it appeared only the mother. It stung him with curiosity and noticed that, twenty-five students in their classroom, the phone number for emergencies It was the mother… in 23 cases!

Examples like that seem to show that as old that “children are mothers.” Perhaps already since before he was born. Rare is the woman who, childless before the forty, has not heard questions about When will stay pregnant. I am afraid that in your surroundings you will find few men who will have ever faced this)very impolite, by the way) question.

Work environment

The relationship between language and gender roles It gives to a monograph, but there is an example in the working environment that does not escape us anyone: hostesses, nurses, cleaning, Secretaries… they are professions that are still told, by default, in female. And when the new changes in this regard have been taking, tends to change the word: flight, DUE, cleaning staff or administrative staff assistant. Why?

Many years ago that (almost) nobody misses that A woman deal any professional position, but there are very internalized gestures. Check out if a query of a health center a doctor and a nurse, do not you think that it will be patients who ask you to him, wrongly, the diagnosis?


Many women have grown up listening to Tips on the care that I must be at night. No walking alone through dark places, not leave a careless drink, not give ball to a heavy… do you educate kids with phrases as «don’t get heavy», «»?not acoses»? You can assume any man (or person, in general) with half a brain, but who has not felt ever uncomfortable When trying to have a quiet drink and some heavy round? And going beyond, would any man ever been accused of? heat a woman, If speak you for more than one minute without seeking anything else? As for us There is up to an adjective, awful, by the way.

Public figures

A few weeks ago was news the clothing who wore the Spanish policies in Congress. I didn’t hear anyone talking about the suit of Pedro Sánchez or the shirt of Pablo Iglesias. We are still using concepts such as First Lady and I can’t help but wonder how will call to Bill Clinton Yes Hillary turns out to be her first President the history of the United States. First gentleman, as well, to what? medieval?


Fortunately, long ago that I not only see spots that women clean y the men lead, but they are still most. And, from time to time, the subconscious Paleolithic It crosses some campaign and we find terrifying examples.

Everyday life

This is perhaps the real danger, the the micromachismo germ. There are thousand experiments that could make here too: If you breaks down the car, try to see who speaks the mechanical workshop, a woman or man? And, at the opposite end, with whom it would coordinate their tasks a domestic worker? What them? they give to our children in Christmas? Or what opinaría family if? Pablito requests a Barbie with all their accessories?

Few days ago, he has fulfilled Two years the Micromachismos blog, which picks up women’s experiences, first person, in which you can see examples of micromachismo (and also some of) resounding machismo). Everyone, men and women, should give a review to the realities that we have internalized to make sure that they are free the cursed micromachismo.

Note: Looking for images for this article, I put in the search box of a Bank of images (in English) “washing machine”. There were quite a few images of washing machines, of women using washing machines and only one of a man with a washing machine… cars! (a car wash tunnel, We will). If we needed some practical example of micromachismos…

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