Nagaoka MP 150 Pickup

Moving iron cartridge eked out a niche next to the numerically superior MMs and MCs so far. That could change quickly with the new series of Nagaoka.

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In practice, the Nagaokas behave exactly like MM systems. You need a high-impedance, low capacitive degree (47kΩ, < 200pF) and respond to high capacity as their magnetic brothers with brittle, brilliance-driven sound. They not good so as a panacea for poor phono inputs, the low inductive MIs of Grado are better suited for such cases.

A strength of MIs is that the mobile part of the generator consists of fewer components, which also weigh less than MM systems. It is so simple with the MI-principle to realize a needle – given the exposed enormous acceleration, those close to the diamond for example in noisy, high-frequency-rich passages at the end of the plates is an important condition for good sound, with high mechanical strength and low inertia.

The Nagaoka emerged victorious from the comparison of the Goldring 2300 and Nagaoka MP 150 200 euro systems: similar like his big brother’s played easily adjusting the spot away cleaner and coherent.

Nagaoka MP-150

Manufacturer Nagaoka
Price €200.00
Rating 75.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Cartridge type MI high output
Accessories cartridge Screws, screwdriver
Measured values
Output voltage 8 cm / s 5.50 mV
System impedance 815,0 ohm / 630mH
Depth scanning ability 315 90 µm
Recommended tracking force 20 mN
High-frequency distortion 0.18%
Deep resonance in the 13-g-arm 7.0 Hz
System weight 6.3 g
Tonearm weight class medium
Cartridge type MI high output
Accessories cartridge Screws, screwdriver
Clean, neutral sound, pleasant unzickig with the adjustment, great sample security
Processing Very good
Sound judgment well 75
tested in issue: 09 / 3


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