Orange Airbox, with The 4G Devices Everywhere for WiFi

It is true that do tethering It can be a treat for many, but the truth is that it is all a blessing for people who move constantly. In addition, it is worth carrying a dedicated device to do it because if we do it with the mobile consumption of battery is very noticeable.

Many times when choosing a modem of these features we limit ourselves to the offer that has our network operator. Today Orange has presented Airbox your new wireless modem with 4G connection so we can share our connection with any device that supports, light, with this Protocol connectivity.

Manufactured by Huawei, this 4G device allows us to connect at the top of speed today, offering Orange. Small size, to use it simply you have to turn it on with a SIM card inside to start sharing our connection with the rest.

Like the rest of modems from these characteristics, we can change the password and configure it to our liking. In addition, we can access to a local website, from any 4G device whether mobile or not, to check the status of the battery, how many devices are connected and what have been consumed to date.

Orange offers it in two forms: a one-time payment of 79 euros with 12 month commitment either 0 euros for those who are already customers, here the commitment amounts to the year and a half. It is already available in all shops of the French operator.

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