Pipe and Finishing Tips for Security Cameras

How to make a pipe for installation of monitoring cameras in homes, businesses, condominiums and others.


Personal speaking, welcome to another CCTV video club, I am the Everton, and I made this video to talk to you about, pipe. I received some personal questions about pipe and such, at first I didn’t quite understand thus, if a person wanted to talk about how you do it, because in fact there’s not much secret call a tube in the other and such. But now I understand, I want to explain that idea, so we can understand how to organize a pipe and such. Recently, a partner of ours, he had to do a job in a condo, where they were putting eight cameras.

If we think of the map, was a square, more or less, I’ll try to come up with a design and put in the video, if I can’t come up with the design I’m going to explain now as that’s where were going to be, where it was seized, where would be the server, until the last camera, gave 140 metres. Just not had communication with the last here, I did a bit of cable here, tie the Middle, after a bit of cable here in the Middle, then 70 meters.

But there was no such communication, then it was necessary to go around at all, and then the guy had budgets, the liquidator in the condo had, they were all with coaxial cable, that is, would have to pass 140 meters of coaxial cable up to the last two, and then decreasing, more the greater distance would give 140 metres, and there was this budget pipe.

Then we talked and stuff, and we went in, and we arrived at the following conclusion, that if I eliminated some cable, and add a pipe, the price would be roughly equal, okay? Because he was going to save a couple of cable routes, because what we did? We changed the coaxial cable, UTP cable, then in the UTP cable, we can pass four cameras in the UTP cable network, this network cable even for computer, there are braided cables with 20, 30, a bunch of pairs, but what was for that time was four-way cable, so we took, came up with a design, and then by eliminating six-way coaxial cable We traded for UTP cable, would spend only two lanes, it was easier to work on the project, and the fact that it cheapened these six routes, we do a pipe, and so I went there and took some pictures, just to make this video, I’ll put in the video you see now there.

So how was this project? We had two-way cable network, where, for example, to the last, until the camera first camera were two-way, two-way, two-way, 2-way, except middle to end didn’t need more than two, right, because they would only have those two at the end, it was just one way. And we had also a electrical wiring, to play power in cameras, okay? And the result of it. Was excellent, it was very good, well organized, you can see in the images, the pipe is aesthetically much better than leaving wire glued, the apparent wire.

Not to mention stay wire also taking rain, sunning, you lose the durability. Another important point also, if in the future the landlord want to hire another company, the next Manager that is doing the work, there will be simple to make, it will open the boxes and you will see that only has 2 wires going from network, for the cameras, as he has color identification, each pair has a color each camera has the color of your pair, so it’s easy to know who has the power wiring, and in Green was put a DVR with a UPS, a fountain, a monitor, all within a rack, okay? It is very nice to work with rack, whenever possible, in this case was placed a 12u rack, 12u is more or less like this, each U have then times twelve 44.45 mm, I can’t speak, I don’t know the number now, more will give more or less here.

So that’s it guys, I don’t know if it’s exactly what the people wanted to know if it was pipe as he weaved, more the general idea is, let’s think for example, a water pipe, this pipe, she goes to where you want, and then you ball a structure that corresponds with the system that you’re going to put there, in this case that’s what was done were placed eight cameras, a pipe that was idea, until the last camera, this pipe were passed two UTP cables, network, four-way, and a power cable. This power cord, you can place, or send the twelve on him, if he has a good gauge and if the font is cool. Or you can send the 110 that also work.

So that’s it folks, more a hint there, there are people who will watch this video and you will find simple because it already has the habit of work, some people will think, Oh cool, will have new ideas for their work, okay? And then if you have any ideas, any suggestions, give a commented out there, we will respond. That you liked video clicks like it, sign up in the canal, our Facebook page, and that’s personal, thank you and until the next video.

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