Report: New Google Smartphones Should No Longer Be Nexus Devices

Even years ago this step was prophesied again and again, now the end of the Nexus series is supposed to be imminent. Android Silver, Google Play Edition, there were already some real and partial solutions to replace the Nexus series over a longer period of time, to ultimately bring a smartphone series similar to the Apple iPhone to the start. Google now wants to take the plunge, the new Android smartphones*, which one developed together with HTC, are no longer called Nexus.

AndroidCentral wants to have learned from various sources, in addition, it should now be confirmed that these new Google smartphones actually have special functions aboard, which they should let Vanilla Android stand out again. Google CEO Sundar Pichai had already suggested this some time ago.

 Likewise, the Leaks is known that Google continues to build the “own” Android smartphones not completely by themselves, but in fact, more own ideas for software and even hardware design can be incorporated. At least I would not immediately come to the idea HTC would have designed these devices.

Likewise, Nexus is against the name that was always talked about by a Google branding, so the G for Google to appear on the back of the devices, but probably no more Nexus lettering. Whether it is also the end for the Nexus series, is currently unknown.

Likewise, a source of colleagues has confirmed the reports that Google will bring this year also own Android Wear watches to the start.

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