Sony Walkman Z1000: a Player Android to The That Only You Lack Being Phone [CES 2012]

Now that Sony It has given close to Ericsson in its division of smartphones, sounds much better for “ Sony Walkman ”. The first with this name is the Sony Walkman Z1000, a multimedia player with Android 2.3, which bit is missing to be a great smartphone: in particular, the “ phone & #8221;.

In addition, the Japanese company has decided to take the rest on this device, and has included a impressive collection of audio technologies the House brand: Clear Audio, S-Master MX, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), xLOUD integrated speakers, and comes with a set of headphones EX. Come on, what does, it does well.

An expert in audio player, but no longer be intelligent

The Z1000 has all the goodness of an audio player, but here with the possibilities offered by Android. Brings WiFi connection, a processor, Tegra 2 as an engine for the beast, and an HDMI output. Thanks to its connectivity, you have access to the music service Sony cloud, Music Unlimited, In addition to the good sound apps collection that exist in the Android Market.

The dedicated button W.Button allows to launch a specific application that allows you to traverse the collection of the Walkman through the multi-touch screen, which is 4.3 inches, generous and non-reflecting system. In addition to the aforementioned, it is compatible with DLNA and has Bluetooth connectivity. It does not have camera, nor nor need it.

Sony Z1000: Additional specifications

Sony says that the integrated xLOUD speakers have such good quality that it makes it unnecessary to use a specific basis, to the delight of canis and other scandalous pedestrians, but that will come good for use in meetings of friends.

Theoretical autonomy is 20 hours audio and 5 hours video and web browsing. The new Sony Walkman Z1000 will be available at the end of February 2012, and will be offered with 16 and 32 GB capacities. We only know that the 16 GB model will be for a few 275 euros.

By the way, a touch of nostalgia. No do you grace see together the first and the latest Walkman? Who would imagine in what have come to be.

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