Spell Up, Improves Your English with The Play of Words and Experiment in Google Chrome

The team of Chrome launches your web browser to a new experiment we to improve our English. It is of Spell Up , a play on words in HTML5 which uses the API available for mobile devices and computers, voice recognition.

In Spell Up We must correctly spell the words that tell us to create the highest Tower possible. When higher Tower more difficult will be the words to spell. No levels and achievements in this game will be missing experiment of Chrome that has been developed by teachers and game designers to convert Spell Up in a educational and fun game.

To play this web only have to access the official site of Spell Up from the Chrome browser and give permission to be able to use our device microphone, although in the setting of the game we can play with your keyboard if not be us well to pronounce in English. The game is compatible for Chrome for Android, iOS, and PC.

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