The World’s Smallest GPS-Enabled Computers

Stealing the title of Lezyne’s Mini GPS, the new Garmin Edge 20 (110 euros abroad) and the Edge 25 (140 euros abroad) claim the title of smaller and lighter GPS models on the market, while still offering a set Features and functions.

Garmin has released a very convenient video to present their product, which can be seen below.

Computers use GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation to deliver data such as speed, distance, location, time, and altimetry.

Despite its size, Garmin also tightened routing capability. The pilots will be able to follow routes downloaded, having a way to go even without the complete maps, but with direction indications.

The Edge 25 also features ANT+compatibility, allowing the addition of heart rate using compatible sensors. The Edge 25 can be purchased with the heart rate sensor included for 170 euros abroad.

The more expensive model also offers Bluetooth connection. This gives the user the option to use real-time tracking, notifications and wireless uploads when paired with a smartphone. You can also share activities and upload your pedals to Garmin Connect.Edge 20 users will need to use a PC or Mac to upload.

The advertised battery life is 8 hours for both models.

Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales Dan Bartel said, “The space on your bike is limited-the Edge 20 and Edge 25 are the ultimate cycling computer for cyclists who want to save space without losing important functions.”

“The Edge 20 and Edge 25 allow cyclists to record essential information such as time, distance, speed, altimetry and location on a small yet powerful portable device.”

The new Edge 20 and Edge 25 models promise patients weight while still helping keep the cockpit clean.

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