There Are Many Flags in The Gay Pride Parade. Do You Know Which Orientation Represent?

On Wednesday began celebrations of the gay pride. As we are accustomed, the streets of many cities are filled with rainbow flags. But it is possible that they are not the only ones that we see.

While we understand better the issues of identity, gender, sexual orientation and their emotional aspects, there are more and more communities demanding recognition, equal treatment and respect, each one with its flag. We show you what and we explain what they mean. (The list is not exhaustive and the nuances are sometimes very subtle).

Sexual identity: toward who you feel attracted

gay -homosexual person attracted to the same sex

Androfilia -sexual orientation characterized by the attraction to men. An androfilo man is homosexual, an androfila woman is heterosexual

Ginefilia -attraction to women. Again, a ginefila woman is a lesbian, a ginefilo man is heterosexual

Asexual -not interested in sex, sexual attraction to anyone

Autosexual -a term without very clear definition yet. Is used both for people who may feel attracted to others, but which respond best to self-stimulation, for which do not feel attraction toward others

Bisexual -sexual attraction towards any person, regardless of gender

Pansexual -sexual attraction to people of any gender or sexual orientation

Polisexual -sexual attraction towards people of different sex, but not in all directions.

Skoliosexual -attraction to transgender people. It may be a heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual attraction

Gender identity: who you are

Androgynous -person who identifies with a mixture of male and female characteristics in different proportions

Genderqueer -person who is not identified with any of the definitions of gender identity accepted by society

Neutrois -person who is not identified with any gender

Transsexual -person who identifies with a sex different from which is biologically

transgender -person who is not identified with the social role assigned to the genus to which it belongs biologically

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Biological characteristics

Hermaphrodite or intersex -person having biological characteristics of both genders

Emotional characteristics and style of relations

Aromantico -people who do not feel romantic attraction to other people

Grey-romanticos -people who may feel romantic attraction towards others, but are not interested in romantic relationships

Litromanticos -people who feel romantic attraction toward others and are interested in romantic relationships, but only in theory

Poliamorosos -people who have intimate, loving and sexual relationships with more than one person, with the knowledge and the agreement of all parties involved

Style and physical appearance

Bear -bear, a usually gay man, with very masculine image and abundant hair

Lesbian “lipstick” -Lesbian with a very feminine style

Views and activism

“Straight Ally” -partner heterosexual, heterosexual person or cissexual which supports equality and civil rights of the LGBT community

Need all these people out on the street? Why do they need a flag? To be known and accepted them as different, but normal. So the notion of normal, in its usual and acceptable, be expanded to include.

But the “normal” word means something else: something that corresponds to the rules of the society. Being normal is not a badge of honor. Not be it is not a shame. Those who are ‘normal’ simply have a kind of Manual about what they are. It is their gender identity that comes with a built-in role definition. Others, who do not have an identity that society recognize and a defined role, have to create them. And it is a difficult road.

The difference of community gay with regard to other communities is that they carry more road walked in this sense, the norms of the society have been expanded to include a chapter on what being gay. It is gradually beginning to happen something similar with the transsexuals. Probably it will come the day when such a Manual, this definition of the standard, will include all. Then normal will mean that you accept as a rule respect others and consider them your equal.

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Perhaps one day this rule sounds as well: ‘everything is done from the freedom of all the parties involved and without doing damage to anyone’s normal’. That day we will parade with flags of the pride of being human.

Photos: Pixabay

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