Concept for Android

A few days ago that Sony presented its new interface in beta inviting us to try it, but we had to wait awhile to see the first photo galleries and videos of the new Xperia UI for Android.
‘ Concept for Android’, that is as well as Sony has named its new customization for Android at least while lasts its testing phase, is already available for download and testing, although quite limited time.
The new interface is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and is much more simple and similar to the “Pure Google” experience than the current Xperia UI using the Sony devices.

See complete gallery» Sony Concept for Android (10 photos)

Look very good, although at the moment there are several complications for those who decide to try it, and is that although Sony promised regular updates via OTA for all testers, the truth is that we still lack some applications and the use is not the fluid to be expected.
Only works on the Sony Xperia Z3, and it is not available the Stamina mode, topics, or many applications of Sony that have been replaced by the Android Open Source Project.
However, if you like AOSP and you do want to try something new in your Xperia Z3, you have all the information for the download of ‘ Concept for Android’ and its installation on the link source to xda-developers.