Contemporary Modern Wall Clocks

Here at Contemporary Heaven spring has already arrived with various products of all colors; green, red, orange, etc. Take a look at the new aticles perfect for the season!

Contemporary Modern Wall Clocks3
Let’s start with s Clocks Retro Modern Time Zone. This f abuleuse range of  large wall clocks modern era with three time zones and a main dial cream is characterized by Roman numerals, a metal clock case of bright color and cheerful  and black hands.

Contemporary Modern Wall Clocks2
Our new range of wall clocks skeleton is more modern and refined than our old versions of metal. This option is bright orange but these clocks are also available in other colors;white, black, red and silver. These unique wall clocks feature Roman dial, chrome needles and quality German movement that will go well in any home or office whether modern or not.

Contemporary Modern Wall Clocks1

To match the clock you can buy a coffee table  in the same color. This coffee table is one of the elements of your home that you can not miss! A bright orange bear with a glass panel on the head is sure to become a topic of conversation in your home.
Finally, to create the atmosphere, equip your kitchen with a lamp Flexible Mocca Cinque resembling an elegant underwater plant with black arms, ascending up and produce warm light and not dazzling that creates the quiet and relaxing atmosphere.
A designer by the name of Tamer Koseli has developed a clock concept particular. Without needle, she has her own way to display the time.
Period Clock is not shown portable but wall. Featuring a minimalist design, the clock also decorative object automatically. Contemporary accessory, it displays the time an original and intuitive way. For this, the clock is composed of three circles moving. So just interpret them to know the exact time. How? The dial is composed of a large circle and another medium size which mark the time. The smallest circle that looks like a point inside the circle defines the average minute. Not really complicated, the mural shows sparkles at night, allowing to read the time even in the dark.
Practical and pretty well thought kitchen wall clock is however an interior design idea. Its designer has not yet revealed the possibility of realizing the clock.