Cool Festival Makeup

Pure into the hotpants, the hair loosely braided and the cool boots unpacked – but what about the festival makeup? So you can grab something deeper into the trick box. You want to stick out of the crowd and look at you.
This year you are the open air queen! With your festival make-up, you will beam over the terrain and collect a lot of praise. So let yourself be inspired and swing the brush – we’ll show you the hottest looks.
Easy and convenient
Let’s be honest: at festivals, most of the time the sun is shining, the dance is danced, the sweat runs. A complex make-up does not withstand these stresses. That’s why most ladies love to put on reduced but still striking styles. Whatever is going on, this classic is: metallic-glittering eyeshadow.For this look you cover the eyerings, which are owed last night, with a little concealer and then grab the brush.Apply the shimmering eyeshadow in gold or silver only on your eyelid and then distribute a few small highlights on the inside of the eyes.Mascara and powder you can just stroke, you are so bright enough!Even simpler:glue a few glitter stones to your forehead – just above the eyebrows.In turn, your appearance is absolutely solidivaltauglich.Of course, you can also spread the small sparkling accessories on your cheeks or place them in other places – the main thing glistens!
Colorful fun
Glitter is not your thing? Do not worry, here you’ll find other inspiration, for your very own festival make-up. If you like it colorful, this trend is just right. Many music fans paint their eyes for the open-air season kunterbunt. While you are more reserved in everyday life, you can grab your favorite color without shame. Look for a great eyeshadow and put it on your eyelid. You will easily blind him to the eyebrow. With a finer brush you are now drawing a narrow line below your lower eyelash curb. If you can not choose a color, just mix the sounds. For example, keep a light tone on the inside of the eye and close a darker near your pupil. This can really be seen! Especially playful:Complete your look with small color dots around your eyes. At festivals there are no limits to your own creativity.
Festival make-up for the lips
For anyone who can not do without the sunglasses as an accessory for the open air, the next tip comes here: Bring color to your lips.According to, if the dark colored glasses conceal your eye festival makeup anyway, you have to look for another background for your art.Especially popular with the parties in the open air are bright colorful lipsticks.Clear, red is the classic, but for the special event, it can still be unusual colors such as blue, purple, green, pop or green.More spooky nuances you pep up – with glitter, of course.A small silver sparkling line on the lower lip sets highlights.But important: Pay attention to the quality of the lipsticks.The drinks are flowing and you do not want to have to go every half an hour.On an open air there is much more to discover than your own reflection!