Cool Ways to Wear Your Scarf

Shawl – My Best Friend

February is almost coming to an end, and with it our hope that spring will come soon. And after her favorite summer – a time of carefree happiness and dreams come true.
How to wear your favorite scarf every day and still seems playful, interesting and suitable for different events? Of course it is possible.
Here are some practical tips on how this can happen.

40 Ways to Wear Your Scarf

The scarf is an essential accessory in the wardrobe of any modern urban woman. So we should be able to use it for all occasions – work, walk with a friend to dinner. Even if you do not have to be different. We just have to learn several ways to have elegantly around her shoulders.
Yes, definitely shawl can completely change our vision. It is one small detail that has done so dazzling Cinderella at the ball for the prince. Different women prefer different types of scarves: denser, larger, silk, with sequins and many others. But each one must have in her wardrobe a few who kept for a special occasion. Sometimes shawl could play the role of an addition to your dress – belt, ribbon or gently wrapped around your wrist bracelet if it is smaller. Some women even prefer it to ornament her purse. It definitely gives a special aesthetic taste and flair for detail. Some global brands and designers have created handbags mandatory accessory scarf. Probably were inspired by that bag and scarf are two inseparable things for each lady.
Scarves are very modern and male. Increasingly on various billboards and ads are handsome men with elegant looks and scarf. This makes us think that maybe shawl has a neutral accessory like a watch.